Introduction: Make Computer Speaker Covers in Less Than 10 Minutes!!!

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*** this will work with small speaker's only, it has to be smaller than a pop can, or whatever can you will be using.

you will need:
-2 cans (i used 2 regular aluminum pop cans)
-tape (i used scotch tape)
-i also used a screwdriver to punch holes

safety precautions:
-cut aluminum is razor sharp, please use caution when cutting!
-poking holes is tricky, be careful not to poke a hole through your hand!

Step 1: Opening the Can

1. first, you will want to empty the can, drink it, wash it out with some water, let it dry. you could also punch a hole in the bottom, let it drain, and then cut it so the top will be unopened.

2. punch a hole in the bottom as shown... be careful! then cut all the way around the can, remove the bottom.

3. tape the bottom from the outside in. this will make it less likely to cut someone. tape it twice in some locations.

don't forget to cut a inlet for the wire too!!! i taped it also.

Step 2: Poke Holes!

i used my pocket knife scissors to poke holes, then used a screwdriver to make them round. 5-10-15, holes is good. sound won't be the best when comparing it to no cans, but it still looks neat, sounds okay.

make sure the computer speakers fit inside, otherwise your wasting your time!

Step 3: Finished Result!

this is how it should look. take them off, put them on as you please.

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