Introduction: Make Cute Baskets Out of Packing Paper

A great tutorial I found online lead to this creation.  I decided to make the same thing with some minor changes.  

Full credit to my inspiration

My versions:  Smaller, no glue, no paperclips, just packing paper, sewing, and folding.  

1. 5 "sheets" of packing paper (between perforations)
2. Sewing machine
3. thread 

Step 1: Fold Paper Into Strips

Take each sheet of packing paper and fold parallel to the perforations, hot-dog style.  Fold in half (hotdog) again, unfold to make a crease, then fold each side to the crease.  The end should look like the first picture... Then, refold along the crease.  This creates clean edges, so the perforations don't show.  Adjust as you need.  

Make sure your creases are crisp now, it will make sewing easier.  

Step 2: Sew the Strips

1. Sew one edge: Now, sew along the edges, I recommend sewing all the strips continuously (as pictured), as this saves thread. 

2. Sew other edge: Then turn the strip around and do the other edge.  I liked sewing the free edges first, then the creased edges.  Sew ALL 5 strips this same way. 

Step 3: Cut Strips Into 2

1. Fold each strip into half
2. Cut 
3. Now you should have 10 shorter strips

Step 4:

1. Make a Ring: Take one of the strips, and make a ring by sewing the ends together.  (pictured)
2. Repeat: you need two of these. 
3. I don't have a picture of this, but at this point it is best to fold your ring into a square shape. Fold the loop in half, unfold, then fold crease to crease.  From the top, your ring will look like a square.

Step 5: Weave Bottom

1. Center two strips, these will be the center of the bottom of your basket
2. The bottom of your basket will be a 3x3 array, weave the bottom by following a up, down pattern  
3. Look at 3rd picture for reference

Step 6: Insert Ring for Basket Side

1. Now, you are going to fold up the sides of the baskets that have a strip in front of it, it will end up being every other one.  Hold these up in one hand.
2. Drop the ring (squared) through these strips.  Push all the way down.

Step 7: Insert Second Ring for Basket Side

1. Fold your strips back to keep it in place.  
2. Fold up the strips which are laying on the table
3. Hold it!
4. Put other ring (squared) over these strips

Step 8: Prepare for Ending Folds

1. Fold outer strips towards center
2. Fold inner strips out

Step 9: Finishing: the Top of the Basket - the Method

1. To finish this basket without glue, pick one strip to start with, I prefer the outside ones.
2. Fold down, and note where on the strip, it meets the bottom of the upper ring (squared)
3. Fold along where it meets, hold that fold, and unfold at the top of the basket
4. Anything extending past the top of the basket is extra, Fold again at the top.
5. It'll look like a tiny tail  
6. Tuck the whole thing under the top ring, and it will become invisible, and be very secure.

Step 10: Finishing: the Top of the Basket: (part 2)

1. I recommend that you do the opposite side again, just to keep things tight.
2. I did all the outside strips first, then then insides
3. Pictures show how I did the inside, same method outlined in previous step

Step 11: Handles

1.  Continuing not to use glue, In the inside of the basket, insert the handle into the lower ring, on the side where it is opened in the middle. 
2. Fold a little flap back into the top of the lower ring to secure it.  
3. Repeat on the other side