Introduction: Make Knife Sheath and Turn Your Kitchen Knife Into a Camping, Fishing or Hunting Knife

In this tutorial I will show you how to to make a steath for a knife, it takes no more than 15-20minutes. I think everyone has these basic things at their home, things you need to make this knife steath.
If you don't understand something just comment and I will reply you as soon as possible.


1. Knife

2. Notebook cover or some hard paper

3. ruler

4. cissors

5. tape

6. needle and thread

7. some fabric (from old clothes(jeans, jacket) to leather, your choise)

Optional: Shoelace or something similar for knife handle


So at this point you found some fabric you want to use for knife sheath. I used fabric from some old military bag.

1. Cut your fabric like in second photo so it is about 9 inches wide and a little longer than your knife(handle + blade) 2-3 inch longer.


Note: In first two photos I tried to use some notebook cover but the paper was too brittle so I find some different notebook covers that were a bit harder.

Pictures says all.
You have find notebook covers,
1. Put a knife in it (just blade, without handle!).
2. Bend the paper.
3. Cut off the excess paper you won't need, be careful not to cut more than you are suppose to.
4. Now paste that paper with tape like shown in third picture (knife must be tucked inside while you are pasting that).
5. Now just make sure you can pull knife in and out without a problem.

Step 4: SEWING

Note: I pasted paper sheath to fabric so it doesn't move while I sew, you can do it also- I think it's easier that way.

1.Put a paper sheath in a fabric you will use for this project and then bend the fabric like showed in third and fourth picture.
2. Begin to sew but start from the blade like in the photos, stay close to the paper sheath but don't go through the paper. Stop when you get at the beginning of the paper sheath, it's enough.

If you never sewed before try it now, it's really easy. This is my second time and it's also pretty fun. I will be definitely doing it more often!:)


1. Just cut at the place where paper sheath is beginning like in picture 1 and 3.
2. Cut excess, when you cut all of the excess it should look like picture 2. It's your choise how much do you want to cut.
3. If you can see the threads coming out of the fabric, burn them. Be careful, YOU CAN BURN YOU HOLE FABRIC IN A FEW SECONDS, depends on the fabric you have chosen. If you are not sure about fabric material, don't do it.


So now you want that your knife stealth can be carried on a belt.
1. Just turn your steath and that extra fabric you have above the knife handle, bend it so belt can go trouth like in photo 1.

2. Now sew that fabric you have bended, sew it et the ending of fabric. When you finish it should look like in photo 2 and 3.


I used some shoelace for knife handle so it doens't look like a kitchen knife. You don't want to do it, your choise.

If you are doing it, just follow the photos.

Step 8: RESULT

It's done. Now you have a knife with sheath which you can use for hunting, fishing, camping etc.

Leave a comment if you made it and a photo maybe. Thanks