Introduction: Make Nozzles for Precise Glue Applications

How many times have you tried to use glue in a very precise application without making a mess and end up with your fingers glued together or to the stuff you are working on.

This is a very short yet helpful instructable to show you how to make your own superglue nozzles to help you in your precise gluing work.

Step 1: Intro

Most Glue manufacturers include a nozzle that has wide opening covered with a plastic lid. some of them provide an additional precise nozzle but unfortunately you cant use these nozzles more than once because it will be filled with dry glue and block the nozzle.

Step 2: What You Need

As simple as this:

1. cotton swabs.

2. Lighter or candle.

3. pair of scissors

That's it!

Step 3: How to Do It

Step (1)

Grap a cotton swab from both sides and carefully close it to a candle with some rotation forward and backward so you don't milt it down completely.

soon enough the plastic will get elastic and you will be able to stretch the swab.

you will have to do this in two locations along the swab leaving a small area which will later be used to hold the made nozzle to the original one.

Once you have the plastic heated enough you can make any diameter or shape you want

Step (2)

Cut the swab using the scissors and according to how narrow you want the nozzle to be, choose where to cut.

Step (3)

You can either attache the nozzles together by inserting the one that you made inside the original one as described in the picture until it is firmly stuck and ready to use.

Step (4)

After using it with your work, remove the new nozzle so it wont block the original and you can make a new one for future use.

Hope this instructable would be helpful for you!

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