Make Starwars Chopsticks Glow in the Dark

Introduction: Make Starwars Chopsticks Glow in the Dark

What could be better than a pair of Starwars Lightsaber Chopsticks from thinkgeek?

Ones that actually glow!!

Here is a step by step on how to convert them.

Step 1: Parts List

Starwars Chopsticks: 12.99
2x Luxeon 1 Watt Red LED: 4.95
2x DPDT Slide Switch 275-007: 1.99
6x 393 Coin Cell Battery: 1.00
(I actually bought a 30 pack of assorted ones here  no such thing as too many batteries)
2x brass tubes unknown sizes one with ID Matching the other's OD so they slide over each other and large enough to contain the batteries 1.99*
Package of 10 OHM resistors: .99
Chocolate bar
drill press
A messy workspace (helps with creativity!)
*OD tubing size is 3/8 of an inch*

Step 2: Chop Da' Chopsticks

 First thing you need to do is separate the translucent plastic saber from the handle. I just cut mine in two then used my dremel to trim around the base of the saber until the outer shell of plastic pulled off of it.
Then you'll have to shave off some plastic so that the top of the handles will fit inside the OD tubing.
Use some glue and then I wrapped a bit of copper wire around the inside. That will form a nice conductive path for our electricity later.

Step 3: Switch It Up!

 Take your small switch, and cut off one of the outside sets of prongs. you'll only need the center set and one set of outside ones. I used a dual throw one just for the stability of an extra set of prongs.

Next you'll need to wrap the resister around the center set of prongs and then blast it with solder.
Solder wire on the top set of prongs to attach to LED later.
I then soldered a tiny scrap piece of metal tubing onto the other side of the resistor and then wrapped it in paper and a bit of super glue to insulate it against the inside of the tube it's going to be shoved inside. You could use a spring instead if you wanted.
After that's all done I coated all the metal parts that I dont want to short against the tube with my sisters nail polish.

Step 4: Slot the Tubing

cut a slot in your smaller ID tubing meant to fit inside the OD tubing on your handles for the switch to slide into.
Coat inside of tube with more nail polish.
ignore the piece of tubing with a hole in it. I didnt end up using it. I was going to add more decorations but decided to keep the design more starwars purist.

Cut another piece of OD (larger) tubing to fit over the top and cover up the top part of the slot after the switch is slid into place.

Step 5: Spring in Your Step

 Fashion a spring by winding some stiff copper wire around a tube, playing with the size to get it to fit into our tubing, and cut it to size. This will fit below your batteries connecting the outside terminal to the tubing itself.

Connect the luxeon 1 Watt LED to the wire coming off of your switch and the other terminal to the tubing itself. Be careful and make sure your polarity is right before you glue it or else it wont light up!!!

Step 6: Spit and Polish

Ok now I don't have a picture of this but you'll need to drill an indent in your translucent saber for the led to fit flush up against it. this is where the chocolate comes in.....

After drilling out an indent put some chocolate in the indent you made and use the drill again to polish the plastic.

The chocolate will act as a polishing agent. I'm sure if you know what you're doing you could find something that would work better, but it's all that I knew of that would do the trick.

Give it all a test fit before gluing it up. I know it's crooked in the pic, but it was just a test.

Step 7: Almost There....

 Here is a pic of one finished and one just missing the plastic saber.

These things are freaking bright as all gdamn hell without the saber to diffuse the light. if you look at it while on it will give you spots in your vision (phosphenes) within seconds!. Can't be good to stare at.

Step 8: Fight the Darkness. Throw a Rave

Here they are all done with the lights off. Suitably bright for those sushi rave parties....

The last step for me was to send it to a hawt girl who has a starwars addiction :)

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