Introduction: Make the Entire Belcher Family From Bob's Burgers

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These techniques can also be used to make any of the other

characters you would like to make using less clay.


What you will need:

+ Tin foil

(I used some I bought for $0.99)

+ An entire 1llb block of White Sculpey oven-bake clay

+ An oven

+ A baking dish that will ONLY be used for clay

(I use one from the dollar tree for this)

+ Clay sculpting tools

(OPTIONAL, I have them so I used them but I have made many other characters with out them. They are not necessary but they are handy to have.)

+ Various shades of acrylic paints and different sized paint brushes.

+ A pencil (optional)

+ Paint pen, thin tip, if you don’t have a steady hand for painting smaller details

(OPTIONAL- I didn’t use one I just used a small tip brush and any errors I just corrected by painting over them ^_-)




1) Start by creating the base of the upper body with tin foil. Make a ball shape for the head and a cylinder shape for the body.

2) Next roll two long pieces up to make the base for the arms and legs. Once rolled fold them slightly in the middle to judge if the length will be correct.

(If not long enough add more tin foil and if too long trim with scizzors)

3) Begin to cover the head, torso and the ends of the arms and legs of the tin structure you created with clay.

(If you have never worked with Sculpey clay I recommend pulling a small piece off the block, needing it until soft, then rolling into a ball and flattening it out)

4) Connect the legs to the bottom of the torso. Covering the uncovered middle of the legs with clay attaching it to the bottom of the torso in the front and back. Then adding clay to each side.

5) Attach the arms to the neck and cover with clay.

6) Then attach the neck and arms to the torso.

7) Attach the head to the neck.

8) Next I smoothed the figure molding the clay over the base until smooth.

9) Then we make little tin foil ovals for the feet. Cover and attach.

10) Add a small roll of clay across the chest for Linda and Tina and smooth.

11) Add a small bit of clay to the noise of each character, keep in mind the girls have smaller noises.

12) For Louise add her bunny ears by adding more tinfoil covered in clay to her head.


Step 2:

1) Add a thin coil of clay around the characters necks and arms to define where their clothing is.

2) Then do the same adding a thin coil of clay to define the bottom of shirts, dresses and pants.

3) Add more clay around the front of each characters head.

4) For Louise her hair flips out from under her hat just slightly on each side.

5) For Linda it is similar to Louise’s hair style flipping out but it is longer.

6) For Bob add four small coils to the top and add a thin coil for his mustache.

7) For Tina cover her entire head with clay, it is in a bob cut.

8) For Gene add ears and hair that goes around the front of his ears and behind the ears to his shoulders in the back.

9) Don’t forget to make Linda’s glasses by shaping coils into glasses frames.

(Tina’s are a different shape so we can paint those on)

10) If any part of the figure needs adjusting add clay where needed and smooth.



1) I started by painting the lightest colors first and the darkest colors last.

2) I painted the skin first and then let it dry.

3) Next paint the clothing. Let it dry. (Tina’s hat is pink and her dress is green; Linda’s shirt is red with blue jeans and red glasses; Bob’s shirt is white and his pants are grey; Tina’s shirt is light blue and skirt is dark blue and Gene’s shirt is yellow with light blue pants)

4) Paint the pants let them dry.

5) Paint the hair. Since it is black and sometimes hard to paint over if try to use a thin tip brush to remove excess in unwanted places. Then when dry go over any errors with the correct paint color.

6) Paint their shoes and sox.

7) Excluding Tina for now, for each face use the pencil to draw it so you can make sure it looks right b/f painting it. Then paint two black dots for eyes and a thin curved line for the mouth. Let dry.

8) Paint a smaller white dot into the black dots we painted for the eyes. Let dry.

9) Paint an even smaller dot into the white dot to finish each characters eyes, other than Tina.

10) For Tina Paint Black square glasses, once that dries fill in with white and add black dots to the center.

11) Paint eyebrows, chin lines and any other details (like Bob’s arm hair)

12) Paint the socks and shoes.

13) Touch up any needed spots and correct any errors by painting over them.

Step 4: You Are Now Done!

You now have the entire Belcher family ready to make burgers and amuse you with their kooky family shenanigans!

You can use basically the same techniques to make all the other any other characters you wish!

Good luck to you. Hope you enjoyed.

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