Introduction: Make the Game of Ludo in 10 Mins From Scratch! ... Including the Pieces!

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Ludo is a popular game played from 2 to 4 players.

This one can be built in about 10 minutes and it includes instruction for the pieces too!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Material for the board:

  1. Printout of the attached PDF - Simple black and white printout!
  2. Cardboard from an old cereal box.

Material for the pieces (optional, if you want to use your own pieces):

  1. Coloured plastic lids - These are the lids from used yoghurt containers.


  1. Glue stick
  2. Scissors (Be careful using these, since scissors can be really sharp!)
  3. Sketch pens
  4. Invisible tape (or any transparent tape would do!)

Step 2: Print Out the PDF and Cut.

Print out the PDF on any ordinary paper.

Cut carefully using the scissors on the lines shown.

You will have four identical strips as shown.

Step 3: Glue the Strips

Apply the glue on the rear side of the strips.

Step 4: Paste the Strips Onto the Cardboard

Paste each glued strip on the cardboard.

Step 5: Trim Away the Extra Cardboard!

Remove the cardboard on which white strips are not pasted.

Pro-tip: You can also paste the printout directly on the cardboard before cutting, however I observed that this does not spread the glue evenly and the paper comes off the cardboard!

Step 6: Cut a Spare Cardboard Piece!

Cut approximately square piece of cardboard, which has same length as that of the smaller side of strip.

Step 7: Apply Glue to the Lower Side of Each Strip in the Triangular Area

Carefully apply glue ONLY to the triangular portion of each cardboard strip.

Step 8: Paste All the Four Strips on Another Piece of Cardboard

Using another piece of cardboard, paste the glued triangular areas onto it.

Step 9: Let Dry!

Once the pasting is done, it will start resembling a Ludo board!

Step 10: Colour Away!

The 'safe' spot and the 'homepath' is already marked on the PDF.

You can choose to colour and decorate your Ludo board as you want!

I drew an additional safe spot and coloured the 'home' triangle.

Step 11: Protective Tape (optional)!

Paste the invisible tape (or any transparent tape) in strips across the board.

This is an optional step but would increase the life of your board tremendously!

And your board is complete!

Step 12: Making the Play Pieces (optional): Paste the Piece

Paste the small play piece, marked on the PDF, on the plastic lid.

Step 13: Carefully Cut a Strip of Plastic Along the Piece.

Cut a long strip from the plastic using scissors.

Step 14: Make Square!

Using the plastic piece as guide, cut the strip into square pieces.

(Mine fell off while cutting so had to cut the strip approximately.)

Step 15: Repeat the Same With Other Colour Lid

Doing this, you will have 4 pieces of one colour each.

This is sufficient for 2 people.

For more people, either use some other colour plastic lid or make a different shape.

Pro-tip : You can get creative with the sketch pens and draw symbols on your pieces!

Step 16: Ready to Play!

... all you need is a dice!

Play away :)

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