Make the Working Assassins Creed Replica Hidden Blade (very Easy)

Introduction: Make the Working Assassins Creed Replica Hidden Blade (very Easy)

Hello guys and girls,
This is my first step by step instructable so if i make any mistakes, please take into account my considerable inexperience in writing instructables.

This is an Assassins creed Inspired Hidden blade worn by the Assassins on their Wrist to stealthily assassinate their targets. Ive always wanted this awesome weapon since i played the first game in the franchise. So without much ado, lets get down to business to make a working hidden blade replica with a blade that truly ejects out in a cool fashion. (WATCH THE ACCOMPANYING VIDEO CLIP).

(I have covered the exact assembly procedure of the blade box by the use of picture diagrams accompanying this instructable as i find it is much more easier for you to save the pictures with you and work on your blade rather than opening this website again and again.)

The following link leads you to download a three page pdf file which contains the exact measurements needed for the hidden blade box design. The pdf file and its contents were designed by Will who owns, so all the copyrights go to him (I am just sharing his great work). And also he has my hugest thanks for making this simple yet excellent project. In the pdf file you may also get the idea to how to make the gauntlet's (bracer)

UPDATE.!! [IMPORTANT !!] [12/12/14]-

Sorry guys and girls it seems the storm the castle link is not functioning, so I have uploaded the PDF file to mediafire for you to directly download it. But the copyrights of the file still go to here is the link-


The materials you will be requiring are-
1)- Pieces of thin electrical wire (but moerately strong enough to bear a few jerks.)

2)- A rubberband of elasticity depending upon your choice of blade box.

3)- a sheet of foamboard(the best), or you can use cardboard of fair thickness.

4)- Electrical Tape or Hot glue gun.

5)- A pair of Scissors.

6)- Some String and a nail of enough length.

Step 2: PART ONE.

Start by gluing the lower pieces of the box (no. 1,2,3,6 and 7) as shown in the PDF file.
Then start to work on the blade(no. 5). Then start the work on the rubberband mechanism as shown in the picture accompanied.
Attach the two pieces of wire to the rubberband, then tape or glue the first end to the lower end of the blade and the other end to the second hole in the part number 4 (the lower hole) refer to the second picture if in confusion.

Step 3: PART TWO.

In the second step, you have to make sure the rubber band is stretching out perfectly without any kinks and dont forget to glue the blade stops (no. 6 & 7) as they prevent the blade from launching whole right of the box. For a trial, just put the cover on the box and push the blade back in and let it spring out, see if it has a smooth motion. and Lastly use a good strong piece of string to make the trigger ring and attack the nail as shown in the figure.
The procedure to make the bracer is not like you have to follow it word by word, you can use your creativity to mold it to your imagination. Still if you want, you can emulate the design shown in the PDF file, or you can like me use some cardboard, measure out your forearm and make a unique looking bracer. Use some velcro strips to attack the box to your bracer. If anyone needs help in constucting this very simple blade, feel free to contact me on-

Step 4: FINISHED ! :)

If you have done everything as shown in this instructable then your hidden blade will eject out nicely each time you pull the trigger string. It takes a few tries to make it launch the blade smoothly, you can adjust the length of the string as needed for a comfortable fit. Also if your blade is not ejecting properly out of the blade box, try some Talcum Powder to lubricate it. If still not satisfies you can try to adjust the rubberband and make it a little more tight. If all else fails, change your blade piece and use a lighter but sturdy material and make sure its shape is not too wide so that it rubs with friction against the box.

So That's it, that's all there is to it to make a functioning Assassins Creed Series Hidden Blade replica. A word of warning, don't try to stab the blade in front of someone's face as it may cause injuries and Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent' ;) if you know what I mean.


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    Assassin 57
    Assassin 57

    5 years ago

    Nice it would go better with a drawer slide or the inside of the stapler with a spring connected to the blade and the end of the slide/stapler and it locks at the end and when you fling it out then it will lock in the front. You pull a string and it wil unlock and retract with the stapler spring. (The spring is a stapler spring.)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Nice suggestion dude ! Will certainly give it a try next time, im kinda trying to make a two function blade, with retract and eject both. Lets see how i end up !

    Cheers !


    5 years ago

    paragraph 2 you say assassin too much


    Reply 5 years ago

    lol yeah, well English isn't my first language brother :P