Introduction: Make Your Favourite Trip Into a Fridge Magnet.

All of us have loads and loads of photograph to record all of our trips be a sea shell or a handfull of dried flowers. I am into fridge magnets from most of the cities I have visited. So naturally when I visited Koh Samui for our honeymoon, a visit to Sun City(South Africa ) and a trip to orlando counted as some of my favourites and I jus dint want another regular fridge magnet to display my memories. So I came up with this more personal idea of using things which I had used on these trips as frudge magnets. An extremely Simple DIY...I chose my orlando hotel room key / my Koh samui room key and a sun city casino chip.(I will be posting a pic of it soon)Simply  tack a small magnet strip or double sided sticky tape onto the back of  the product u want to stick onto the fridge and Voilaa....!!!