Introduction: Make-your-friend-think-his-game-console-is-broken-prank

 Here's how to make your friend think that his console is broken! This works with Playstation3 or Xbox 360. 

Step 1: First, Find the Audio/video Cable

 Find the audio/video cable. It can also be the HDMI cable. It is the cable that connects from the console to the Television.

Step 2: Build a Short-circuiter-thingie (optional)

If you want, you can build something that will short circuit his xbox. 

First, get a soldering iron and melt solder onto the AV cable. 
Obtain a 5 oHM resistor and solder one end onto any random hole in the AV cable. Solder the other end into the hole adjacent to it. 

Next, get a 5MM LED and solder to resistor. This will make the LED turn on only if the AV cable is connected.

Finally, make sure that the resistor is hanging out so that it will not disrupt the location when one plugs the cable onto the console.

Done! Instant panic! 

Now, send to a shop to get it fix for free! 
Did i say free? I meant for a fee!

Do at your own responibility. Not my fault.

Step 3: Next, Slightly Unplug the AV Cable

Slightly wiggle the cable from the socket. Make sure that the cable is in, but not fully connected to the console.

Step 4: Done! Panic Attack! (Varies)

 Once your friend turns on his/her console, the video or audio will not work! Hopefully, if you play this out right, you can really scare the hell out of them.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    This could be alot less time consuming if you used a hammer lol


    12 years ago on Introduction

    The first step isn't so much making someone think their console is broken as actually breaking their console.