Introduction: Make Your Old Blanket Into Your Dog's Favorite Toy

Ever think about what happens to your favorite blanket when it is left home with man’s best friend? Don’t fret! And don’t even think about throwing your violated blanket away! You’d only be contributing to an ongoing problem! He’ll go after your favorite sweater next. To stop the vicious cycle, you can turn the blanket that your dog had sexually violated into his very own companion! That way, you’ll save your other blankets or even worse, a favorite garment.


1 Soiled/Violated blanket

1 Doggie Style Kit includes:

Sewing Threads and Needle

A lot of polyester stuffing

2 googly eyes

2 black pom pom

Doggie Style Pattern

Step 1:

Take the violated blanket or garment and prepare it to be cut. Lay it out on the floor or on a large table. Do not wash it! There’s a reason why your dog likes it!

Step 2:

Cut out the patterns!

Step 3:

Take the thread and needle, provided in the Doggie Style Kit and start stitching!

Step 4:

Take your stitched patterns and turn it inside out. take the ears and stitch a horizontal line across each ear. Make sure that the stitch you make is in the middle most part of the ear. Then take the polyester stuffing provided and stuff the body, tail, and ears.

Step 5:

Stitch up all the holes . Then connect the ears where the head would be and tail to the other end of the body.

Step 6:

Take 2 googly eyes and a black pom pom nose and stitch it to where you decide the face of the Hump Buddie should be.

Step 7: Results

You are done! You’ve just created a companion for your pet that will provide hours of enjoyment! Aren’t you glad you didn’t throw that blanket away?