Introduction: Make Your Own 3.5mm 4 Pole Jack With Button for Autocom 200

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Most of the reasoning behind this project is I couldn't find this audio cable with a button for answering or initiating a phone call while riding a motorcycle.
Autocom makes a cable for it, but without the button to activate voice command it makes it dangerous to operate your phone while riding. 
My phone is also not one those models that you can set to auto answer, so without the button, I cannot answer the phone while hearing it ring in the speakers of the headset without touching the phone otherwise.

Very good solder skills are needed for this. Tinning, pre soldering the wires and area to be soldered to, will help with success.
Two 3.5mm 4 pole hands free devices were used for the parts to solder my own wires to. The wires that come in hands free devices are probably 24 gauge wire at best. A wire gauge I chose is approximately 18.
Once completed you will be able to operate your phones' voice command or answer incoming calls with the push of a button.