Introduction: Make Your Own Buddha Board

I LOVE the concept of the Buddha Board (, but I don't love the price.  When looking online for idea on how to make one, I could only find instructions which required a special paper that none of my local craft stores kept in stock.  So the search for how to do it myself continued...

My version isn't quite as awesome as the real thing, but I can afford MY version! ;)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Hard plastic object (I used an old DVD case after I cut the plastic off of it)
Spray paint
Tissue Paper
Paint brush & Water
Rubber glove could come in handy

Step 2: Cut Tissue Paper

Cut the tissue paper to fit the space you need.

Step 3: Spray Paint Plastic

I want spray paint to stick to spray paint, so I first coated the hard plastic with spray paint. 

Let it dry 20-30 mins (at least) before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Attaching Tissue Paper

This is a step of QUICKNESS.  (This is also the step where I learned too late that I should have worn a rubber glove!)  Using the same spray paint, spray ONE side of the tissue paper lightly.  You use the spray paint as glue to stick the tissue paper to the hard plastic.  Be sure to QUICKLY smooth the tissue paper when you put it on the hard plastic.

(I originally tried Mod Podge to stick the tissue paper to the plastic.  The glue seemed to reactivate when I used the water to paint on the tissue paper.)

Step 5: Paint With Water

You can paint with water.  When you're finished & the water dries, you have a blank slate to work with again.

Have fun!