Introduction: Make Your Own DIY Party Hats for a Birthday or Special Occasion Using Silhouette Portrait

Who doesn't like a birthday hat? Instead of giving your party-goers a regular 'ol party hat, why not let them create their own instead. It will give them something fun to do and add an element of creativity to your party.

This instructable will show you how to using a Silhouette Portrait.

  • To complete, you'll need cardstock or thick colored construction paper
  • Stapler
  • Long rubber bands or elastic string from a craft store
  • Colored markers, stickers or some means of customizing the hats
  • Silhouette Portrait paper cutter

Step 1: Connect Your Silhouette Portrait and Install Silhoutte Studio Software

If you haven't already, follow the instructions for installing the Silhouette and accompanying software. Adjust your blade according to the instructions. I used cardstock and had the blade set to a #3. Individual results may vary so test out the setting with your paper before you move on.

Step 2: Download the Party Hat Image and Prepare It in Silhouette Studio

Start by selecting the hat cut out template. A simple google image search will yield hundreds. I downloaded the image from here:

Import it into Silhouette Studio by choosing "Import to Library". Once imported place it into the work area by dragging it from the library into your project.

Step 3: Edit and Resize the Hat Cut Out Then Prepare to Cut

Rotate the image and resize it to as big as possible in the work area. Erase any words or other shapes that came with the image.

Select "Trace" and select the entire image as your trace area. Then select the "Trace" method. The entire hat outline should appear RED.

Step 4: Prepare Paper and Load Into Silhouette Portrait

Follow the instructions for applying your paper to the adhesive backing page. Be sure to line it up carefully, then feed it into the Silhouette. Wait for the Silhouette to finish cutting before removing the paper.

Step 5: Remove the Hat Cut Out and Repeat

Once you've removed the paper, carefully and slowly remove the hat cut out from the page. Repeat as needed for the number of guests you anticipate. Make some extras as some kid will certainly rip theirs or want to start over. Multiple colors work well too!

Step 6: Decorate, Fold and Finish Your Hat!

Decorate your hat with stickers or by drawing on the page using colored markers. When you're done, roll it up and insert the flap into the slot. Staple or tape along the seam to ensure that it stays together.

Staple a piece of elastic string to the bottom of the hat so that it will stay on. Note that household rubber bands DO NOT WORK. You'll need something much longer and more stretchier.

Now party on with your awesome party hats!

Step 7: PARTY ON!!!

Enjoy your home made party hats!