Introduction: Make Your Own James Bond 007 ID Card

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This Instructable will teach you how to make a James Bond Identification Card for your Halloween costume.

My son wanted to be James Bond for Halloween this year. He learned about James Bond through video games and has never seen one of the movies. One thing we thought would be a nice touch for his costume was a Secret Service ID badge.

My final Paint Shop Pro file is attached for your use in making your own ID badge. All you need to do is insert your own picture.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

Here are the items you will need to make your own ID badge.
  • Clear ID holder that you can clip on you child's clothes.
  • ID card reel (optional). These can be found at office supply stores if you don't have one. These are great since you kid can pull the ID badge out and hold it up for someone to look at. When they let go it just snaps back into place.
  • Computer with graphics editing program. I used Paint Shop Pro for my photo editing program.
  • Printer. You can always take the file to a photo processing place or a printing business.
  • Scissors to cut out the final ID badge.

Step 2: Take a Mug Shot

Take a mug shot of your child up against a uniform surface. A lighter surface works best for contrast.

I recommend taking several so you have options when you are ready to select one to use on the computer. Another reason to take multiple is so you have some options if one or several of the pictures are a little out of focus. Sometimes it is hard to tell on a small camera screen if the picture turned out well or not.

Step 3: Get Your Background Images

I found this seal image online and decided to use it for the overlay seal on the badge picture. I also used a portion of it to create some alternate background patterns for the badge. This is the only picture I used other than the mug shot.

I used the background remover tool to remove the black background in the center of the seal.

Then I converted the picture to a black and white image and then copied it into my badge file in a future step to use as an overlay on the mug shot picture.

Step 4: Create Your New ID Badge Image

I measured the badge holder that I had and it looked like it would hold an ID badge that was 3.5 inches wide and 2.4 inches tall. I decided to create the badge at 400 dots per inch so the final printed version could be scaled down.

Create a new image with with the dimensions of 1400 x 960 pixels.

Step 5: Resize the Head Shot to Fit on the ID Badge

With your new badge image up on the screen open the head shot image above the badge and zoom in and out to determine the scale you will most likely need to scale the image by in order to be the correct size in your badge.

I had to scale mine down to 24% of the original size to get it close to the size I was looking for.

Step 6: Add the Head Shot to the Badge

Now that the head shot is resized you need to copy it to a new layer in the badge file.

While in the head shot picture hit "Ctrl-A" to select the whole image.

Next hit "Ctrl-C" to copy the entire image.

Now switch to the badge image.

Go to the EDIT menu and select "Paste as new layer".

This should add the head shot picture as a new layer in the file.

Step 7: Add the Background Color or Pattern

Next you need to add a background pattern or color of your choice. I started with a grey pattern background and decided to try out some other patterns later.

Step 8: Crop the Head Shot

Crop your head shot to the size and proportions that you would like for the final ID badge. Just go with whatever looks good to you.

Make sure you are on the correct layer when you use the crop command.

Step 9: Add a Head Shot Border and Badge Border

Now you need to add a border around the head shot. I made mine heavy black.

First make a new vector layer and place it at the top of the current layers. I named my layer "border".

Now use the rectangle tool to draw the border around the head shot.

Step 10: Resize and Add the Seal

I took the seal and scaled it to 20% of original value to get it into the badge at the size I was looking for.

Select the entire image of the seal.

Do a Select All.


Go to the badge file.

Select EDIT and then "paste as new layer".

Make sure you have the new layer on top of everything else.

Rename this layer to "Seal".

Change the opacity of the seal layer to 25% to make it look like an image watermark above the head shot.

NOTE: after I printed the final version of the ID badge I ended up changing the opacity of the seal layer to 50% to make it a little darker.

Step 11: Delete the Pattern Outside of the Badge Border

Now you need to delete the background image outside the outer border on the badge. To do this you select the background using the rectangular selection tool. Delete the edge of the background from the border to the outside edge on all sides of the picture.

Step 12: Add Some Text to the Badge

Now we need to add some of the text to the badge.

Add a Layer called Text and add the text as shown in the picture below.

I added 007 with a red color to make it stand out.

I am not sure what the initials after his name stand for, but maybe someone else on Instructables can help us with that.

Step 13: Add a Signature Line

Select the Pen Tool and add a signature line. Modify the pen tool settings to get the line the width you like. Hold down the Shift key while you draw the line to keep it constrained to a horizontal path.

Step 14: Add the Color Seal Above the Signature Line

Take the center part of the original color seal and place it in the area shown in the picture.

Step 15: Add a Seal Background

Add A different Background if you feel the need like I did. I thought it just needed a little more so I added a smaller greyscale pattern of the seal in the background. I did a couple different spacing of this pattern. I ended up not using these background patterns because they made the ID look a little too busy. Plain white was just easier to read for everyone.

Step 16: Put on Your James Bond Suit, Glasses and ID Badge and Go After Some Candy

Now that you have your suit, shades, and ID you are ready to go out and rid the world of evil villains, If you can't do that then maybe you can go out and get some Halloween candy in style.

The final Paint Shop Pro file is attached if you would like to make your own Secret Agent ID without having to make the whole thing.


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