Introduction: Make Your Own Nexus 7 Charging Dock for $15

Do you have a super sweet new Nexus 7, but don't want to leave it laying around?  This laser-cut dock will help protect your tablet and keep your workstation looking cool.  The dock is designed to use the standard charging cable that was shipped with your tablet- so you're already half way there!

I've attached vector files for three different variations on the design and assembly instructions for my favorite of the three.  The principle of assembly is the same with each design.  

Difficulty: Very Easy (if you have access to a laser cutter) - I made this at the Techshop SF

Step 1: What You Will Need.

One sheet of 1/4" acrylic about 15" x 15" (actual thickness 0.23") - $10
(obviously you can rearrange the placement of pieces to fit other sizes of acrylic)
Round head machine screws 6-32 x 2": buy 4 - $0.50 ea
Round head machine screws 6-32 x 1": buy 4 - $0.33 ea
Nuts 6-32 (0.1" thick): buy 8 - $0.15 ea

Laser-cutter with at least a 15" bed
Screw driver
Small pliers

Step 2: A Few Details

1. Cut your acrylic.  The files contain vector data only.  
2. The design is symmetrical left to right but there are subtle differences in front and back measurements.  Keep the pieces oriented as they are in the files for easy assembly.
3. Essentially you will stack the pieces and attach the charger and screw together.

Step 3: Assemble Your Dock!

1. The pictures show the order for assembly of the pieces.
2. The fit for the charger is very precise and will be tight.  This is intentional so that the charger does not move when using the dock.  
3. Keep an eye on the orientation of the charger when fitting the pieces. Check the picture and make sure that the front of your charger matches the front of the dock.
4. Insert screws and attach nuts tightly. You are done!! Swim in the oohs and awes of your friends and family!!

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