Introduction: Make Your Own Batman Cowl - Part 2

As seen previously I showed you the easy process of making the sculpt. Now to make the mold and cast :D

Step 1: Materials Needed.

You will Need:

Plaster of paris

Canola cooking oil spray


Step 2: Making a Border

The first step is to make a border around your mask, the reason for this is to make sure your mold has a clean user friendly finish,

Now unfortunately I did not take a picture of this, but I found a good example from another sculptor, and how he does it in the link below.

..... I really dont need to show you any more about this. 

Ps. Make sure to spray your sculptor with a good amount of cooking oil to make sure it doesn't stick, and make sure to get out as many air bubbles from the plaster before poring.

Step 3: Breaking Your Mold Open

Now that you'v finished your 2 parts of your plaster mold on each side, then you are going to have to pry the mold open little by little until it comes open.

Your next step is to simply remove any of the existing sculpture inside, be warned, this can be a heart breaking sight.

Once youv done that you need to go through and fill any small air-pockets that may have formed from the bubbles in the plaster.

Step 4: Pouring Your Latex

The final step to this tutorial is to take your mold pieces, line the inside of the mold with cooking spray to stop sticking.

When youv put the mold back together you need to place it upside down, fill it completely with liquid latex, And let it sit for about 4 hours.

Latex dries from the outside in, and the plaster absorbs a lot of the moisture from the latex, which speeds up the process, after this is done, drain the latex and let it dry for about 16- 20 hours, or until dry, if you want it thicker then repeat to desired thickness.

Make sure to do the casting in a well ventilated area as the ammonia from the latex is strong stuff and not good for your lungs.

Please feel free to ask questions, and any suggestions are welcomed.