Make Your Own Foot Retention/feet Belt for Your Fixed Gear




Introduction: Make Your Own Foot Retention/feet Belt for Your Fixed Gear

This instructable will show you how I built my own feet belt type foot retention systems like Hold Fast, because I can't afford the real deal.

I used
an unused seat belt
hook and loop fastenings
24" of thin width nylon webbing
a sewing machine (and thread)
an old knife

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces to the Right Size

I cut a small section (1.5") of the seat belt by heating the knife on a gas stove and then melting the belt.This is better than scissors as it stop the nylon fraying. I then used the same method on the webbing. You'll need 8 pieces of this roughly 3" each.

Step 2: The Adjuster Side

The seat belt I used had the adjusters on the belt still. That's where the metal two bar adjuster is from.

Fold over the small section of seat belt you may want to iron it flat. Thread it on to the adjuster, then place two of the pieces of webbing inside. Here the angle is quite important but I don't know what is ideal.

Sew across the top sandwiching it all together. I used a straight stitch to keep it in place then zig-zagged over for strength.

Step 3: The Belt Side

Using your shoe, estimate how much belt you will need and keep in mind your gunna need the same length for the other side. Cut the piece with the hot knife again.

Take two more pieces of the webbing and angle them on one end of the length of belt. Sew them down with the same straight the zig-zag approach..

Step 4: Hook and Loop

On the belt length just sewn, I added the loop side to the end closest the webbing then the hooks to the free end I put on more hook than loop but I think in retrospect you may want to make it more than half loop.

The fastenings I used were sticky so that made placement easy buy don't forget to sew the hook and loops on the the belt.

Step 5: Attatching to the Pedals

I was stuck how to attach them as I do not have small fasteners like the real Hold Fast system uses so I threaded each piece of the webbing trough outside to inside on each corner of the pedal then I removed the reflectors, made holes in the webbing and threaded the reflector through the webbing back on to the pedal. I'll add close up photos to explain better later.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice i tried to make em from velcro and an old belt and turned horribely wrong.

    yours looked fantastic,hows the grip?