Introduction: Make Your Own Steampunk USB

So...I've made my second Steampunk USB and this time I've documented it.
Now I have lots of pictures so that you can see and understand how I've done it.
Hope you enjoy this.

Step 1: Make the USB Body

Take a copper pipe and cut it to the dessired lenght (this depend on the size of your flash memory)
Use a saw and cut the resulting piece on its lenght, then bend it until you obtain a copper plate.
From this copper plate you will cut a pice that you will bend it in an U form an a pice for the lower side.

Step 2: Make the Front Piece

Take another piece of copper pipe and transform it in a plate.
From this you will make two pieces that have a hole fore the USB  male plug. One piece goes on the front side of the USB and one is for the cover.
To make these pieces use you USB and trace the corect size on the copper plate. Next drill a hole large enough for a file to go trough. Then use the file to give the hole the correct form and size.

Step 3: Solder the USB Body

Take the U shaped piece and the lower piece and solder them together.

Step 4: Make Holes for the LED and Attach the Front Piece

Mark the point where your USB LED is positioned and drill a hole. I used the file to give it a rectangular form because I think it goes better with the USB shape.

After you've made the hole, solder the front piece in place and file down the excess copper and solder.

Step 5: Make the Cover

The cover is similar to the body. You have an U shaped piece, a lower side piece, a front piece with a hole for the USB plug and a back piece. I also made two pieces from copper wire to hold the cover in place. You can see this thing wery clear in th photos.

Step 6: Insert the Flash Drive and Secure It in Place

To secure in place the USB flash memory I've used transparent silicon.
First you have to fill the USB plug with paper so that it doesn't fill with silicone when you push it trough. Then fill the body with silicone and insert the flash memory. Scrape off the excess silicone from the LED holes so that you have a smooth surface.

Step 7: Mount the End Piece on the Body

After the silicone has dried, solder the end piece on the body and remove the excess copper and solder with the file.

Step 8: Add Ornaments

I've made these ornaments using copper wire and little brass rings witch I've obtain from guitar strings. What I've done is just an example. You could do whatever you want. Let your imagination go wild.

Step 9: The Finished Product

This is the result of my hard work. I've wanted to make another USB steampunk for some time but never had the time. Now I've got a little motivated by the USB contest. So if you like what I've done let me know. I like feedback. So feel free to rate it and vote it.

 Thank you for the interest in my work.

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