Introduction: Make Your Own Unique Heart Bookmark

If you want to make your own cute and unique bookmark, here are the simple steps to follow. This is an origami heart-shaped bookmark. All you need is paper, a scissor and a little bit patients (less than 10 minutes).

The steps listed below are very detailed. So don't worry if you are origami beginners who never or rarely do origami.

Step 1: Material

(1) square paper. Pick any color you like. I use the note cube paper with no adhesive at back. (2) scissors. You might need it only at the very last step

Step 2: Begin With Folding!

(1)Fold the paper in half and then another half to make it four horizontal parts. 
(2)Fold the paper vertically
(3)Fold the paper according to the diagonal and unfold the paper.
The creasing should looks like the picture. And you are ready to go!

Step 3: Make a Triangle

Fold the paper according to the pre-creasing and make a triangle

Step 4: More Folding

Meet the top to the bottom of the triangle and hold it with fingertip

Step 5: An Important Step

Meet the bottom left edge to the top center and crease the rest part. Complete another part as well

Step 6: Rough Shape Appears!

Flip over and repeat step 4 and step 5. Now you can see the bottom part is shape of the heart. And you will elaborate the upper part in following steps.

Step 7: The Upper Part

Stand the heart and fold the center inside. There are two layer of them paper and you need fold them together. Also, fold the outer part inside.

Tips: You can decide how much you fold inside to adjust the heart shape, which you like most.

Step 8: Almost There!

Repeat step 9 to make the heart. You might find that the heart is a little higher at the top, so we need change them as well.

Step 9: Adjust the Top

Fold the top inside for left and right at front. Cut the back counterpart by scissors. And put the folded part into the cutting edge.

Step 10: Well Done!

Now you can open the bottom part of the heart and bookmark a page!