Introduction: Make Your Present Mysterious!!!

A friend of mine really loves chips, so I decided to give him a box of them for his birthday.
Unfortunately, he suspected that I was going to give him that, so I had to think of something to make the box seem like it carried something else - in this case - something that rattled!

The dialogue on his birthday was similar to the following:
Me:"Hey man here's your present!"
Him:"Oh I think I know what it is!"
*I secretly flip the hidden switch*
*The box goes "vrrrrrrrrrrrr" and rattles*
Him:"Ehhh... What??!??!??"

In this Instructable I will show you how to make your present box rattle, by adding a vibrating motor to it!
No extensive knowledge on electronics is needed for this project.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:
- 4 AA or AAA battery holder
- Batteries
- stranded wire (to connect the electronics)
- stiff wire (to attach the nuts to the motor)
- a nut (or any metal piece of similar size with a hole in it)
- a motor (should run on 6V, doesn't need to have much torque but rather high rpm)
- a switch (single pole, single throw is all you need)
- electrical tape
- double-sided mounting tape
- cable ties
- the box to mount all this into (the stiffer the box, the better)
- soldering equipment
See the pictures on examples of the parts needed.

Step 2: Attaching the Nut to the Motor

First off, if your motor doesn't have anything on the shaft which you can tie the nut to like mine (see pic#1), wrap electrical tape or mounting tape around the shaft.

Now take your nut, your motor and a long piece of stiff wire and attach the nut to the motor shaft like so:
1. Run the wire once through the nut and around the shaft and twist both ends together. Now the nut will stay without you
     having to hold it.  (see pic#2)
2. Now repeatedly run the wire along the first wire revolution but make sure to keep a tension on the wire to keep the nut
     from shaking around. (see pics #3 and #4)
3. Finally, clip off wires that stick out

Step 3: A Bit of Soldering

Now solder the switch, the motor and the battery pack together according to the crude schematic in pic #1.
It will turn the motor on and off according to the state of the switch.

It's a very simple circuit and will do the job.

Don't forget to insulate the solder joints with electrical tape!

Step 4: Mounting the Motor to the Battery Pack

If like in my case the nut attached to the shaft is wider than the motor itself, this step is even more important.

First, insert the batteries into the battery pack and tightly secure them with electrical tape. (see pic #1)
Then, stick the motor to the battery pack using mounting tape (see pic #2) and TIGHTLY wrap the whole
assembly with electrical tape (see pic #3).

Why do we secure the batteries to the battery pack you may ask?
Leaving the batteries in the holder as they are will lead to the batteries moving around and possibly losing connection
when the motor is on.

Step 5: Mounting: Part1

Now it's time to insert all of this into the box.

First, punch two holes into the box where you want to have your vibrating assembly, to mount it there with cable ties (see pic#1).

Next, put a hole into the corner of the box (see pic#2) where the assembly will be mounted to and
feed the lever of the switch through that hole (see pic#3).
This is done so that you can turn on the motor even if the box is sealed shut!

Step 6: Mounting: Part2

Next, fasten the battery pack assembly to the wall of the box with mounting tape (see pic#1) and with cable ties (see pic#2).

The cable tie on the outside of the box can easily be disguised by excessive packaging tape or by a fake shipment receipt pouche!

Step 7: For Safety

Even though you might think the job is done now, you must consider the damage that a
rampant motor with a significant shaft imbalance can do to your goods inside the box!

To solve this problem, help yourself to a can of soda. Yes, a can of delicious soda.
Drink it all, rinse the can and voila, your shield is born!

Just cut it open on one side (see pic#2) and fasten it around your assembly like a claw.

In picture #4 you see the important shield in action!

Step 8: Finished!

Now just fill that box up to the top with presents, seal it up and watch your friend guess what's inside!

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