Introduction: MakeBlock MDrawBot Spider

mDrawBot can be assembled into 4 kinds of
configurations which is also compatible with the mDraw software. It would be a perfect choice for those who already had basic knowledge about robots and open source devices.

Before you started, check out the part list:

Step 1: First Lets Construct the Triangle Pen Stand

Step 1 Get the first beam0324-184 ready

Step 2:

Step2 Connect the other two beams0324-184
with the first one

Step 3:

Step 3 Connect the plate3*6 with the beam0824-032
and then construct this two on the beam0324-184

Step 4:

Step 4 So where should we put the pen with
this machine? Here we go:

Step 5:

Step 5 Construct the pen holder on the
triangle pen stand.

Here is what we finished for now.

Step 6: Now Let’s Build the Motor, Remember to Build Two of Them

Step 1 Here is what we got for the motor holder

Step 7:

Step2 Connect the motor with the holder

Step 8:

Step3 Construct the plastic timing pulley 90T

Connect and fix the shaft connector with the plastic timing pulley, then connect this part with the timing pulley slice,yes the blue one. Now we can see that there is still one hole needs screw, we will need to put the string through this unit between the plastic timing pulley and the timing pulley slice. It’s kind of hard if you already got the other three screw fixed, so you may loose the screw, so there will be more space to get the string through the units.

Step 9:

Make a circle with the string and its size should be bigger than the
smallest screw.

Step 10:

Fix the timing pulley together with the motor.

Step 11: Step4 in the End, Fix the Spider on the White Sketchpad, Sorry Have to Use a Steel Sketchpad Instead Cause I Could Not Find My White Sketchpad :(