Introduction: Make/Break a World Reccord

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Hi all,
I'm here to show you how easy and fun it is to break world records.  It's like crack its just so addicting to break records.  I have made myself a list off some record ideas, because I want to break as many as I can with as many people I can.  I learned about this site while I was listening to TWIT.

Step 1: Choosing a Reccord

Now in theory this is the easy part.  But with some imagination powder this can be done really easy.  For this instructable I will try and make the record "

Longest Time Staring At A Floating Banana While Eating A Banana
".  Now according the there website "The general guidelines are simple: every record in the database must be a) quantifiable, b) breakable and c) legal".  That's not to hard at first I made a list of all the records I want to make/break.  The list is dynamic.  I recommend you try and make a list.

Step 2: Preparing

Ok so now that we have a record in mind we need to prepare to break it.
What we will need to break this record:
Video Recording Device Thing
Something to record(me)

In this case we don't need a timer, because the video time will suffice but for fun I will add a computerized timer to the tape so I can have an intro and ending.

Step 3: Breaking

Now that we have the materials and the idea we can attempt to break the record.  For this record I will make a basic html page found HERE you can use any time, and use my web cam to record myself breaking this record.

Step 4: Submiting the Record

Ok now that you have your footage and edit it to your liking this instructable is not on video editing so I wont cover it.  Now go to and read what they have to say, and fill in the text boxes.  Now we wait they say it takes 7days but mine took 3.  Now were done.