Introduction: Make an Avatar

In this instructable I'm going to give you some ideas on how to make an avatar.

Step 1: What's an Avatar?

An avatar is a small image that appears when you post to forums or when you comment on any posts. Avatars in forums are smaller and square for consistency, and near the heading of posts and profiles. No one really knows when avatars were first used in Internet forums.

Sometimes users can choose from available avatars or upload one of their own design. It's good to know that avatars represents you on the internet, so be careful what image you choose.

Step 2: Hand Draw Image

One of the ways to make an avatar is a hand draw one. Take a pencil and paper and draw something. Some people like to draw cartoons, they are easy and fast to draw. You can use color pencils or crayons if you like your avatar to be colored. When you're ready scan your image.
Use a graphics editing program to make the background transparent or white. I use Adobe Photoshop to do this. Here's how:

1. Open your scanned picture
2. Use pen tool or Magnetic Lasso tool and outline your drawing. If you use Magnetic lasson tool when you finish with outlining go to Select - > Inverse
3. Press the delete button on your keyboard for transparent background or color with a color you like.
4. Save your picture with .PNG extension if the background is transparent.
5. Your image is ready to be uploaded.

Another idea is to invert colors. When you open the scanned picture go to Image - > Adjustments - > Invert

Step 3: Picture Avatar

If you're not good with drawing you can use a photo or a picture from google :D

Choose a picture or photo. Open with graphical program in my case - Photoshop. Go to Image - > Image size and enter the dimensions.

If your picture or photo is in rectangle form or if you like to take a part of the picture when you resize it open a new document with the dimensions you need. Copy the resize image there choose the part you like and save it to your hard drive.

Step 4: Avatar With Text

Some people make avatars with text.
Open a new document with dimensions 200x200 pixels (most of the forums require this dimensions)
Choose a background color and type a text. Add some effects and the avatar is ready. You could make a picture avatar and add a text to it.

Step 5: Online Avatar

There are lots of sites which offer you a step-by-step guides on how to make an avatar. No programs and no special skills.

Step 6: Enjoy

These are some of the ways to make an avatar. You can use any graphical program you like. Use your imagination and skills and you can make the perfect avatar.

Well I hope that I help you with this instructable:)
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