Introduction: Makeathon Shoe-ezy

The objective of our project to design a device that can help individuals who face difficulties in bending down to wear their shoes. We decided to design a device that can eliminate the need to bend especially to carry out the daily task of putting on their shoes.

Target users are people with back or joints problems which limits their body bending movement to reach their feet thus not able to wear their shoes. They can be Arthritis and Parkinson’s patients, patients after hip or knee surgery or even heavily pregnant ladies who faces obstacles in bending down to wear their shoes.

Our idea originates from the blend of a shoe horn and a long held gripper. The top piece of our item resembles a long gripper and the base part is a modified shoe horn for users to glide in their feet into the shoes effortlessly. The device aimed to be lightweight but durable. It is geared to fit most shoe sizes and user friendly to all users especially elderly.

Step 1: Modify From Gripper by Removing the End Caps of the Gripper

Step 2: Design the Shoe Tongue and Heel Supporter in CAD Software

Step 3: 3D Print the Shoe Tongue Supporter and Heel Support

Step 4: Assemble the Parts