Makedo Batman Costume

Introduction: Makedo Batman Costume

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Gotham City may have its infamous caped crusader, but there is no reason why Batman should be limited to the silver screen.
Become a superhero with this Makedo interpretation of the much-loved cult classic. We’ve used cardboard and fabric scraps, paint, string and Makedo parts available at

Step 1: Cut

To make your Makedo Batman Costume, begin by tracing the provided template on to cardboard. Cut out all the cardboard bits.

Step 2: Score

Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw and score along the dotted lines as shown in the template. This is will make folding the cardboard easier. Connect a cardboard strap to the sides of the mask using Makedo Re-clips. Ensure the strap is long enough so that the mask can sit over your eyes.

Step 3: Punch

To make the arm cuffs, connect the two end flaps together using Makedo Re-clips as shown in the image.

Step 4: Connect

For the belt connect a cardboard strap to the sides ensuring that the strap is long enough to wrap around your waist.

Step 5: Hinge

To make the cape, score along the dotted lines as shown in the template. Use the Makedo Lock-hinge on a slight angle and connect it to the centre with Makedo  Reclips. For the shoulders we have used the Makedo Lock-hinges on a right angle to help give some shape.

Step 6: Cape

To complete the cape, connect fabric to the top of the shoulders using Makedo Re-clips. Place the Pin through the cardboard shoulder and Lock-hinges and secure in to place.

Step 7: Build

Finally to complete your superhero look, decorate your costume by adding features such as the bat symbol on your belt buckle. We’ve painted our costume jet black.

Step 8: Complete

Your costume is now ready for action. Wherever there’s a calling for help, put on your costume and share your adventures with us at

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