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Introduction: Makedo Bug Biter

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Create your own unique bug with snapping jaws that really move! It’s so simple to make and a whole lot of fun to play with. We’ve used a cardboard box and Makedo parts available from

Step 1: Find Materials

For this Bug Biter project we will be reusing a single cardboard box, but you can also make the same creation with any stiff card that you find around the home.

Step 2: Sketch Out the Shape

To make the head of your Bug Biter, begin by opening your box and laying it out flat. Trace a circle to make the head with a thick strip extending out from the side, like a shape of a lollipop.

Step 3: Cut

Use the Makedo Safe-saw and cut your lollipop-shaped head in half, adding zig-zags for the teeth.

Step 4: Punch and Connect

Use the point end of your Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole in the center 4 of the jaw where the two straight pieces
cross. Connect them together using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 5: Cut and Connect

To make the scissor action extension handle, use card from the remainder of the box and saw four long, straight strips.

Connect two pieces together at the center to form a cross using Makedo-Re-clips.

Step 6: Build and Share!

Connect the end points of each strip together using Makedo Re-clips, joining the two crosses to the strips on the head.

Now you can move the handles up and down in a scissor action to make the Bug Biter snap its mouth open and closed!

Your Bug Biter is complete. Decorate by using found materials such as bottle caps or foil trays to add character to your bug. What kind of bug have you created? Share it with us at!

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    Haha another thing that reminds me of something else. :D There's a Super Mario video game character that goes by the name "Chomp" or was that "Chomper" Its basically that face with a chain for a tail. Its one of those basic "baddies" in the older video games. Don't know if they have it in more recent versions since I haven't played those.

    None the less looks like oodles of fun and great for a rainy day. :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    If we ever need ideas on characters to re-create we know who to turn to ;) Thanks for your comments!