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Introduction: Makedo Fun Basketball Ring

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Spend the day shooting hoops with Dad by making your own Makedo style basketball ring. We’ve given ours a Monster Hoop makeover, using materials from around the home and Makedo parts available at

Step 1: Saw

To make your grumpy monster hoop, use the Makedo Safe-saw and cut out a mouth shape from the front of the box.

Step 2: Punch

We have made our monster with an opening lower lip by simply keeping the bottom flap of the box in place when we cut out the mouth. Punch holes using the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw, to position 2 Makedo hinges.

Step 3: Connect

Connect the Makedo Hinges to the box using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. This will allow your monster’s lip to swing freely.

Step 4: Build

Now for the exciting part. Find bottle caps and other reclaimed materials to add features such as eyes and arms to give your monster some character. We’ve used a cut up egg carton as tentacles.

Step 5: Decorate

Decorate your monster with markers and paint to emphasise its features.

Step 6: Hanger

To make a clip to rest over the door, undo a wire coat hanger and shape it into a hook. At the other end of the hanger, form a loop that can wrap around a Makedo Re-pin and Re-clip at the top of the box, as shown in the image.

Step 7: Complete

To complete your Monster Hoop, connect a backing board using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. Your Monster is hungry so you’d better start shooting to feed him or he might get grumpy! See who can score the most goals with the Basketball Hoop. Why not make your own scoreboard to keep track!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    So cute and cool! Which makes it awesome! :D


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sure thing! Look out for it, it will be posted up soon. :D