Makedo Jumping Santa Claus

Introduction: Makedo Jumping Santa Claus

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Christmas is our favourite time of year. There is so much packaging around to use for creative projects! But before you’ve opened all your presents, let’s show how excited we are with this Makedo Christmas creation that has Santa jumping for joy.

We’ve made our Jumping Santa Claus using some card, string, and Makedo parts available at

Step 1: Find - Print

To make your Makedo Jumping Santa 2 Claus you will need to print out the downloadable template (PDF attached below), some cardboard, string and Makedo Parts.

Step 2: Cut - Punch

To begin, cut out the Santa shapes from the template. To ensure that our Santa is strong, we have pasted it on to some thick cardboard.

Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw and punch the holes indicated on the template.

Step 3: Connect

Connect your Santa together using 5 Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips ensuring that the arms and legs are positioned behind the body.

Step 4: Tie

On the back of your Santa, cut some string and tie it from arm to arm through the smaller holes shown in the template. Repeat this step to tie string through the smaller holes in each leg.

Finally, tie a longer string at the center of each string bridge that you just completed. When you pull down on this string the arms and legs of your Jumping Santa will dance up and down!

Step 5: ...complete! Ready to Jump.

Your Makedo Jumping Santa Claus is complete. Pull the string to move his arms and legs up and down while you sing a merry tune. Don’t forget to take a picture and share your creation at We would love to see your Makedo Christmas creations.

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