Introduction: Makedo Mighty ToolBox

About: Makedo is a series of safe cardboard construction tools purposely designed for kids to imagine and build the world they want to see.
Filling in the spare time of holidays can be a difficult task, so we put together a project that will keep young and old brains thinking and hands tinkering over the break. Using simply a cardboard box, a cling wrap roll and Makedo parts, create a mighty toolbox to store and carry all your handy building gadgets.

Step 1: Find Materials

Gather your materials. For this toolbox you will need a long card roll (cling wrap or similar), some cardboard and a rectangular box that is roughly the same length as your card roll. Make sure you have your Makedo parts handy.

Step 2: Cut to Shape

Shape the top flaps and remove any excess card you don’t need.

Use two Makedo Re-clips to reinforce the base. This will stop your tools and goodies falling out the bottom when you lift the ToolBox up!

Step 3: Connect Together

Use your Makedo Safe-saw to poke holes through each end of the tube and attach a hinge on either side. Slide the hinge lock into place.

Attach the other side of the hinge to the top flaps of the box.

Step 4: Measure and Fold

Use the scrap cardboard to make a divider. Draw around the side of your ToolBox to ensure the square is the right size. Using a Makedo Re-clip to measure, draw two tabs on the sides of the square.

Use four Makedo Re-clips to secure the divider inside your ToolBox.

Step 5: Play and Share

Your Mighty ToolBox is complete!

Now you’re ready to fill it with all your handy tools and hit the building site! Why not decorate your ToolBox and remember to share what you’ve made with us at, we’d love to see it!