Introduction: Makedo Feathered Headdress

About: Makedo is a series of safe cardboard construction tools purposely designed for kids to imagine and build the world they want to see.

Become the 'Chief of Reuse¹ in your household with this
Feathered Headdress made from recycled materials.

In Plains Indians culture headdresses are earned through brave and
honourable deeds, with each feather symbolising one deed. ­So the more feathers
one has, the more honourable deeds they have performed.

Happy making!

Step 1: Find

Find materials from around your home to make your Feathered Headdress. We’ve used ribbon, bottle caps and left over coloured paper to decorate our Headdress. Craft feathers and scraps of colourful fabric would be perfect.

Step 2: Cut

To create the base of the Headdress, measure a strip of cardboard that would wrap around your forehead. Trim off the excess card and remember to leave room to connect the ends together to form a ring.

Step 3: Punch

Using the Makedo Safe-saw, punch a hole on the ends of the strip to form a ring.

Step 4: Connect

Connect the ends using a Makedo Re-pin and Re-clip. You have just created the base for your headdress.

Step 5: Build

Now is the exciting part! Using the materials you have sourced to decorate your Headdress such as fabrics, feathers and cardboard, use the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole on the ends of the materials.

Step 6: Connect

To attach the decorative pieces to the Headdress, place a Makedo re-pin through the end of the material and connect it to the top of your Headdress with a Makedo Re-clip. Continue to connect and layer on the decorative features.

Step 7: Share

Your Makedo Headdress is now complete! Why not try making other Traditional Headpieces of other cultures and start a fashion parade with your friends. Remember to share your creation on our website, we would love to see it!