Introduction: Making a Minimalist Leather Wallet

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Hello Guys!

In this instructuble I will show you how I made this minimalist wallet.

(watch the video if you want to see more steps)

Step 1: Materiels

1- Piece of leather.

2- Strape

3- Tamplate.

4- Needle and thread

5- Cuter/utility knife.

6- Metallic ruler.

7- Glue.

8- Hole punches.

(you can find the links for this materiels in the discription of the video)

Step 2: Tracing and Cutting

1- I trace the tamplate on the leather.

2- I cut the leather using the utility knife.

3- I draw a line in the centre of the width of the piece of leather

4- Then I measure 2cm from the side and draw a cross line.

5- I measure 1cm from the sides of the centre point.

6- I punche two holes.

7- I cut the line between the holes with the cutter.

8- I insert the strap into the hole.

Step 3: Stitching

1- In the other part I mark about 2cm from the center of the leather piece length.

2- I made stitching holes using a punche hole.

3- I stitched the strap to the leather using a white thread.

4- I cut the excess thread and burn it.

5- Then I glued the excess of the strap to the back of the leather.

6- After this I put glue on the sides of the leather then I fold it in half to stick the sides.

7- And I punche holes along the sides,then I stitch them with white thread again.

8- I cut of the excess, and burn the thread.

9- I put a card inside the wallet then I measure where I need to cut the strap.

10- Finaly I cut the strap and I glued a piece of leather to it.

Step 4: The Result

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed this instractuble.

you can watch the video form here.


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