Introduction: MakerFlake

This is the MakerFlake, a snowflake made out of the Tools of Creativity. The MakerFlake resides within a standard Christmas globe, as proof of the incredible assembly method of 3D printers. Each tool was selected in an attempt to reflect the many branches of making, from the Arts to Physical Objects. Art tools are on the right side and Hardware tools are on the left. In the center is the Open Source Hardware Cog, a symbol of the Maker Movement and the success of collaboration. Speaking of collaboration, there are quite a few Makers who inadvertently contributed to this project, which proves the effectiveness of Open Source Sharing:

1. Open Hardware Logo from Padorange.

2. Parametric Wrench from triffid_hunter.

3. Paintbrush from Andy Man Can.

4. Screwdriver from reichwec.

5. Pliers from Microsoft Store.

6. Claw Hammer from stevehaines.

7. Fender Style Electric Guitar from admica.

The MakerFlake was designed using OpenSCAD.

Special thanks to Thingiverse for enabling Makers to share their designs and ideas!

Step 1: Making the Ornament

Instructions for Printing:

This project was designed for a dual-extruder printer and should not require support material. There are two .stl files, one for the clear plastic globe and another for the festively colored snowflake inside.

1. Load the Glass_Globe.stl and make sure the Glass Globe Head is resting on the print bed. This part should be printed in PET or something very transparent.

2. Load the MakerFlake.stl, and make sure that it centers inside the Glass Globe. The origin coordinates of the MakerFlake and the Glass Globe match together perfectly. Also, please make sure the pliers are pointing toward the print bed, because the part self-supports best that way. The MakerFlake .stl can be printed in Red, Green, Blue, Gold, or whatever has high visibility color.

3. Go ahead and print without supports! As long as the Pliers are pointing toward the print bed, there shouldn't be any major mess ups.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! The idea behind the design was:

    Nestled in the Christmas Tree, Each kind of Maker all may see.