Introduction: MakerSpace Project

Kinetic Rubber Band Car

Step 1: Materials

8 Gray End Connector

2 Yellow Rod

2 Blue Rod

1 Red Elbow Connector (the one in our model is gray)

Tape (of any kind)

4 Wheels that fit the kinetics

3 Rubber Bands

Step 2: Axle 1

Part 1: Tape the Rubber Bands together, then Tape to the Yellow Rod

Part 2: Slide 2 Wheels on and lock into place with 2 Gray End Connectors

Step 3: Axle 2

Step 1: Attach the Gray Elbow Connector to the middle of the Yellow Rod

Step 2: Slide a Wheel on either side then attach the Gray End Connector

Step 3: Keep space between the Wheel and the Gray End Connector and tape the inside of the Wheel to the Yellow Rod

Step 4: Axle Connectors

Step: 1 Remove all the Gray Connectors from the 1 and 2 Axel's

Step: 2 Apply 2 Gray End Connectors to the Blue Rod and slide the circle end to the Axel Rods