Introduction: MakerSpace Storage

About: Mrs. Salzsieder's experience as a library media specialist and technology teacher who loves to read, code, and make.

Do you have the need to organize your large makerspace materials in a colorfully fun way that's moveable? Here's how:


plywood, screws, staples
primer & paint

Step 1: Acquire Plywood Bins

Have your high school shop class or local wood worker build plywood crates the size you require. Ask for castors so the supplies may be moved to any classroom as needed across carpet and tile.

Step 2: Prime

Use tarps to protect your flooring. Apply primer using brush or roller. Let dry according to directions. I waited 24 hours.

Step 3: Choose Your Paint

Choose interesting colors. I purchased custom mixed latex paint to match LEGO base plates that I have on my walls and bookcase ends. I used Valspar Medallion Paint & Primer:
RED - planet fever
YELLOW - bonjour
GREEN - greener grass
PURPLE - voodoo violet
ORANGE - heirloom tomato
BLUE - blueprint

Step 4: Painting - 1st Coat

Most latex paints feel dry within an hour or less after application in a room-temperature environment. You can typically apply a subsequent coat of paint in about four hours. In ideal conditions, latex paint takes about two weeks to cure to the point that you can wash it. I let my first coat of paint cure for one week.

Step 5: Painting - 2nd Coat

I gave each bin a second coat of paint and let dry another week.

Step 6: Makerspace Storage Complete

I can now organize maker materials in colorful, moveable bins that students will use to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills for themselves and schoolwork.