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People driving by say it takes them a few seconds to figure this out.It was cheap to make and took about a hour.I made so many mistakes on this one I know you can make one much better.

Step 1: What You Need

1 string LED lights 100 ct [so the box says] Green
1 string LED lights 100ct Red
Cardboard  piece or box
1 roll Masking tape or any light tape
Pencil or Pen to poke holes
Scissors or Box Cutter

Any 2 colors of lights or any tape will work . Cardboard held the bulbs best.

Step 2: Learn From My Silly Mistakes

Before I cut my card board I should have looked at the window where I was putting this.I did not ,and when I finished it was on the cardboard too low. It must sit on boxes now to be viewed from outside and see the whole thing.

I also learned what it says on the outside of the LED box may not be on the inside.I bought 100 count then found there were 75 bulbs,I guess no one ever counts them.

I was drawing on the front then realized I don't want my mistakes to show. Draw it BACKWARDS  on the back.

Plug in your lights before you start and check them. It is a real bummer to do all of this and half of the string wont light up.

Step 3: Cut and Draw

I cut a Semi Circle with the flat box flap as my base that folds underneath.
Then I drew around a pan for the outer part of the No symbol.
The photo isn't wrong draw it backwards on the back side so it wont show up on the front where people see it.
Draw the letter L parallel to the base or in a straight line with the bottom so it wont look like mine [which appears to be leaning or rocking] .

Step 4: The Hole Thing

I placed my cardboard front side down on a carpet.I said pen or pencil but any pointy tool that punches great holes works.
I am no perfectionist so I just poked holes about one inch or so away from each other for my final size circle about 14 inches wide.You need some room to get your fingers and the lights to all fit,you can make it any size but  don't poke holes too close the cardboard will break.

Step 5: The Whole Thing

I now have the whole thing in front of me on the table.I am ready to put the lights in from the back side.So it wouldn't be too hard I started with the 'L' or green lights first.
I would push in 5 or 6 bulbs then tape those down and put in 5 or 6 more then tape them.
I plugged the red lights plug into the green plug  and was ready to do red.
I want the end plug to be on the bottom when finished so I started the red lights at the top of the 'no' slash bar and went down the bar.Think it out first and draw it in a line in your head. This is so the plug is at the bottom or in my case the extra lights were.
Make sure you take tape and cover any holes you punched but had no bulb in.Just tape them from the front side of the now finished Christmas decoration.

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