Introduction: Makeshift Protoboard Jumper

This is my first intructable, and English is not my native language, thank for attention let's get Started!

A not long time ago, when i buy my first arduino, and i became tired of using, poor RJ45 cable wires as a jumper, i decided to give another step. I need a better thing, but i really think that is expensive to pay around 40 bucks in simple wires to do the work (today is around 10, in dollars, our currency here in Brazil is really low, but i don't care much to import, this make us think and create new technologies!)

So i decide to Creating something to use and its better and cheap, and i can make with spare parts!

Step 1: Preparing the Hardware Needed!

First things first: The Hardware needed!

Soldering Iron


Soldering Wire

Solder Paste

Thermo Tubes

Components i can use legs (this case a bunch of 1N4007.)

Wire (more flexible is good, because when you use it, you gonna turn and twist them.)

Having all this things: Let's do this!

Step 2: Preparing the Contacts!

No i get some diodes, and cut just one leg of then. For using and keep the other intact, so i can bend and still use the diodes!

Step 3: Wire Cutting and Soldering!

Now get the wires, cut just the isolation tips and put some soldering to keep its firm, and prepare to receive the diodes legs.

And just weld the diode legs and the wire, using minimum of soldering wire possible to keep a low profile!

Step 4: Preparing the Thermo!

I used two sizes of Thermo so i can create a isolation and make a good grip!

The smaller ones i cut in a size, and the bigger in a little big length so it can cover the small thermo!

Step 5: Let's Put Some Heat!

Let's get burn! Not really, just a little heat!

You can use a lighter, heat blower, i used my own soldering iron and give a good result, and a very controlled process in a good result!

Step 6: Finished!

Just do the thing in the two sides of the wire, and we are good to go!

The two sizes of thermo gave a good grip, and a nice isolation!

I just not made one, a made it a lot! And really good to use!

Thank you! For your attention, patience and if you care to do this project!

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