Introduction: Makeshift Rain Shower

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So for a long time now I have wanted to have a rain shower. Living in a leased house I wanted something but didnt want to overhaul the entire setup and risk violating my deposit. This easy hack to your current system is easy and effective and easy to remove if you get sick of it.

Step 1: Parts- What You Will Need.

You can pretty much get these parts at any home improvement store. Keep in mind all your plumbing parts for the shower are usually a standard 1/2" fitting.

1. A "Rain" Style shower head.

2. Female 90 degree elbow (threaded on both ends)

3. Female-Male 90 degree elbow (threaded on both ends)

4. A water splitter (with/without switch). I chose one with a switch so that I can get the most pressure out of my shower.

5. x2 Male/Male couplers

6. Shower hose (for a shower wand) *make sure the tube is long enough to reach to your ceiling. The one I chose was 60 inches long. Also make sure it has two female ends.

7. Electrical cable clamps (no smaller than 3/4th of an inch). Make sure they are the ones with adhesive backing if you do not wish to make the setup permanent.

8. Thread tape

Extra parts:

1. Eye Hooks

2. String or Cord

3. Contact Cement or a strong waterproof adhesive.


1. A wrench of some sort

2. Glue Gun (if you need it)

Step 2: Setting the Main Fitting.

1.Using thread tape apply to the main pipe and attach your diverter. Make sure that the male ends are angled the way you want to. If you purchase a plastic one be careful not to over tighten it as they can crack easily.

2.Thread the two ends of the diverter (you can re-attach your main shower head at this point if you wish).

3.Attach your Male/Female 90 degree fitting to one end and after threading the male end attach your shower wand hose.

*make sure you place the washers that came with your shower wand hose that came with the hose*

Step 3: Attaching the Shower Head.

1. Taking your shower head in hand, thread tape the one male coupler and screw it into the back of the shower head tightly (double check before attaching for a washer in the shower head's back.

2. Thread tape the other end of the coupler and attach your 90 degree female/female coupler.

3. Thread tape the other coupler and screw into the 90 degree elbow.

4. Thread tape the final end of the coupler and screw into the other side of your shower wand hose.

Step 4: Running the Pipe/Finishing Up.

1. Take the hose and using the adhesive cable ties, run them along the wall clamping them as you go.

*you may need to use the hot glue gun to attach the one clamp to your shower head (see image with shower head)

2. As you run it across the ceiling, make sure to remove the backing on the cable ties and stick to the wall. (if adhesive is too weak, use a waterproof adhesive).

3. You're done!! Test your water to make sure there are no leaks and you are ready to enjoy your new rainfall shower head. :)

*if you wish to add a safety feature you can attach an eyehook to the ceiling by the shower head and create a safety cable in case the shower head detaches from the wall.*

Step 5: Updated Information

*After using it once I decided to change the layout and removed the main shower head and diverter and just go with the rainfall shower head as my main faucet.

*If you do decide to take off the wire holders the adhesive can remove paint if you are not careful. Ended up moving the shower head and had to repaint the walls and decided to go with 3M strips instead.*

This project is highly modifiable so have fun and try new things. :)