Introduction: Maketory - 3D Printing

  • Welcome to the Maketory 3D Printing Class!
  • This Instructable is intended for Maketory Members. If you are not a member, but interesting in becoming a member, visit their website at
  • Please tell them "City Made" sent you, as a referral, if you do decide to join!
  • In this course, you will learn the fundamental steps to design and create a 3d object, and print it on one of Maketory's 3D printers.
  • When you complete this course on-site at Maketory by registering for the class through Maketory's scheduling system, you will be certified to use any of the shared workspace 3D printers at Maketory.
  • Before starting this course, you should be a registered member of Maketory.
  • As you proceed through this course with a Maketory Staff member, your email address will be added to eligible Eiger Accounts to access the 3d Printers within Maketory

Step 1: Creating Your 3D Model Design Using Fusion 360

  • In this class, we will use Fusion 360 to create a simple 3D object design.
  • This class isn't intended to teach you Fusion 360, therefore we will create a very simple object that can be quickly printed, using Fusion 360.
  • If you are not familiar with Fusion 360, there are plenty of great online resources available to you!
  • Best of all, as a Student or Hobbyist, Fusion 360 is a free application!
  • Maketory also has Fusion 360 installed on their computer.

Step 2: Creating a 3D Design - Draw Two Concentric Circles in a Sketch

  • Open Fusion 360
  • Select File / New to create a new Design
  • Select the "Design" Workspace
  • Make sure the "Document Settings : Units" are in "mm" (Millimeters)
  • Create a new Sketch
  • Select the "Top Plane"
  • Create a "Center Diameter Circle" at the plane's origin with a diameter of 20mm
  • Create another "Center Diameter Circle" at the plane's origin with a diameter of of 22mm

Step 3: Creating a 3D Design : Extruding Your Object

  • Select the inner circle (it will highlight to blue)
    • Right-click your mouse and select "Extrude"
    • Extrude to a distance of 2.00mm
    • Select "OK" to create the extrusion
  • Select the outer circle, which should highlight the area between the two drawn circles
    • Right-click your mouse and select "Extrude"
    • Extrude to a distance of 20.00mm
    • Select "OK" to create the extrusion
  • That's it! Your simple 3D design is complete for our first 3D print!

Step 4: Export Your 3d Design As an STL File

Now that your 3D object's design is completed in Fusion 360, let's export it to get it ready for 3d Printing!

In Fusion 360:

  • Select "File / 3D Print"
  • Select your 3D object by clicking on it (which will highlight it)
  • Make sure "Send to 3D Print Utility" is unchecked.
  • Select "OK"
  • When prompted, save the STL file to your local disk or USB Drive. Let's call it "SimpleCup"

Save your design in Fusion 360, but selecting "File / Save", which will prompt you to save your new design in your Fusion 360 "Cloud Repository". Again, let's call it "SimpleCup"

Step 5: Slicing Your STL File With Eiger

  • Markforged 3d Printers use "Eiger" as the software to "slice" your STL file into a print file compatible with their 3D printers.
  • Login to Eiger with your personal account, which is linked to the Maketory Master Account to give you access to the 3D Printers available at Maketory.
    • NOTE: If you are not yet "linked" the Maketory 3D Printers, please reach out to a Maketory Staff member. They will be glad to help you out! :)
  • The Eiger login page can be found at this link:

Step 6: Importing Your STL File Into Eiger

In Eiger, import your STL file using the following steps:

  • Click on the "Import STL" button.
  • Browse to the file on your local computer, select it, and upload it.
  • Change the orientation of the part on the print bed
  • Adjust the part settings as desired
  • Click on "Calculate Details" to review the estimated cost of printing the part
  • Make sure the correct Printer Type is selected (Desktop Series)
  • When satisfied with what you have prepared, click on the "Print" button

Step 7: Printing Your Object on a 3D Printer

  • One the next Eiger screen, select the Printer
  • Optionally, you can also select a Printer of "Export Build", which will create a ".MBP" file, which can be downloaded, copied to a thumb drive, and printed directly on the 3D Printer using the thumb drive.
  • You "print job" will be placed in the print queue, if the selected printer is currently busy, either because another part is being printed, or because the last part printed has not yet been removed from the print bed.
  • If your part is in the queue, and you wish to cancel it before printing, press the (X) icon for the job and it will be removed.

Step 8: Removing Your Part From the 3D Printer

Look for an update on this step soon!

Step 9: Additional Maketory Policies and Procedures for 3D Printers

Look for an update on this step soon!

Step 10: Resources Available for This Instructable