Introduction: Makeup Brush Cleaner

After using makeup brushes for a long time, they get dirty and gross so you need to clean them. Running them through water is not going to cut it though. It doesn't work deep into a brush.

This makeup brush cleaner is extremely easy to make and you will most likely already have all the materials you need to make it at home!


- Hot Glue Gun

- Empty Container

- Sharpie

- Makeup Brush

Step 1: Cleaning Container

Start off by cleaning your container. Making sure that there aren't any dust or dirt in there because if there is and you don't clean, cleaning your brushes in the container won't make it clean. All the dirt and dust in the container would get stuck on the makeup brush and it will become dirtier than before.

Step 2: Label and Decorate (optional)

After the container is all clean and nice, label the container with any marker. I just used a thin black sharpie and labeled it.

Step 3: Hot Glueing

The next step is to use the glue gun and hot glue three dots in the container. It is important that the dots you make are not flat, but sticking up. Almost like a tear drop. This is important because you will be running the brush into the drops so it can get deep into the brush.

Step 4: Using the Product

When using the Brush Cleaner, soak your brush in water and brush it through the dots you made with the hot glue gun. The dots will collect all the makeup left on the brush and clean it! Don't forget to wash the container after using it.

Step 5: Video

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