Introduction: Makeup Cleaning Organizer

I find it very difficult to organize many things, but my main concern is makeup. Many girls, just like me, have a hard time keeping their makeup organized. As we're either on-the-go or just plain lazy. Many of us also had the habit of constantly reusing the same brush over and over again. Makeup brushes do run quite a bill, so to prevent from wasting money, I've decided to create a Makeup Cleaning Organizer. Implementing an Olay ProX Facial Cleansing System, this project will rotate makeup brushes in a 360° motion.

Step 1: Materials Needed

-Wooden Crate
-Basswood 3/23x3x24in
-Olay ProX Facial Cleansing Brush
-One Cup
-Glue Gun or Crazy Glue
-Foam Mousse

-Paint Brushes


*This is an optional step

-Paint your wooden crate and basswood

-Paint your Olay ProX and styrofoam


-Use acrylics and paint with a sponge instead of a brush

Step 3: Cutting Styrofoam

After gathering the materials, it is time to cut a chunk of styrofoam that would soon be glued to the Olay ProX Facial Cleansing Brush.

-Take a large piece or styrofoam and place it on a smooth surface
-Take your knife (I used a butcher knife) and heat it from a stove or any other source of heat
-Now slowly cut through the styrofoam until you a reasonably large piece for the Olay ProX Facial Cleansing System as this piece will soon be glued onto it

-Lean towards using a granite or tiled surface. Avoid using a wood surface!
-Be extra cautious of yourself and of those around you
-Although it may seem logical to push down the knife so that it would cut through more quickly, DON'T DO IT!!

Step 4: Creating Your Cleaning Surface

Now it is time to create a cleaning surface. As you can see in the picture, I only picked one side to create a few rows on. This is because the Olay ProX will eventually be focusing on one side. This is totally up to you whether you want it on the middle, the right, or the left.

-Take your piece of brasswood and cut it to preferred size (I wanted to create a snug fit so I cut it to where it would meet from one side to another)
-After having it cut, take your glue gun and create a row of bumps

-As you pull the glue gun away after creating a bump, a string of glue comes along. What I did to get rid of this was take either a straw or a pencil and wrap the string around. This process takes a lot of work but creates a cleaner look.

Step 5: Cup

We don't want out wooden crate to create mold, so it is essential for us to have a cup to catch our dirty, makeup water.

-Get your plastic cup and cut 2/3 of it out (This all depends on the size crate you have and how small your bumpy surface is. Keep in mind that this step is supposed to catch the water when cleaning.)
-Use the 1/3 left and place it right under the bumpy surface

Step 6: Almost Done

Now it is time to finish the gluing process

-Puncture a hole in the styrofoam so that you can easily fit your makeup brush on it
-Take your piece of stryofoam and glue it to the head of the Olay ProX
-Glue down the Olay ProX so that it is standing up (make sure if you'll still be able to push the buttons)
-Glue down the foam mousse so that you can have your makeup brushes stand to dry

Step 7: Finished!

Your finished product should look like this!

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