Makeup Organizer (recycled Materials)



Introduction: Makeup Organizer (recycled Materials)

Do you feel the frustration when you find out that the specific lipstick ( or any other favourite product) you bought at discounted price is actually expired now!

Reason? unorganized cabinets...

oh i have felt that pain and that frustration.

so what next? will you wait for the next thing to expire or you with try sorting it out???

ok so I decided to actually make an organizer rather then investing in one for now...

i have made this organizer by recycling stuff i was suppose to throw out.

Step 1: Boxes and Fabric

milk/ cereal boxes seems to work best for me.

take old milk boxes or cereal boxes.

and also some old fabric. ( i am using my town yet new kurta* )

*indian long shirt

Step 2: Measure

cut up your boxes and make small holders according to your requirment

Step 3: Put in Your Cosmetics

place your cosmetics to see if your problem is fixed or not

Step 4: Time to Glue Up

cut your fabric according to width and height of your total box.

follow the pictures for gluing guide

Step 5:

keep gluing

i used my scissor to press the fabric to carbboard box

Step 6: Done

enjoy ..

Step 7: Faliures.

it is common to face this problem.

so i would recommend you to use your box for a few months before adhering your fabric to it.

over here i made rather smaller boxes and you can see the end result as rather a cluster.

be patient and use your waste materials to check if your creation will actually work or not in order to safe time and effort.

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