Introduction: Makey Makey Drawing Challenge

This guide will help you to build create custom challenges on your drawings. The challenge consists on keeping a metal pen or connector in constant touch with the drawing line, and force the user to pass with the connector through pre-estabilished checkpoints. For this tutorial, you'll need:

-A Makey Makey.
-A MacOS Xcode Project found here:

-XCode tools. They are free and can be acquired at AppStore.
-Any drawings you wish

Step 1: The Drawing Basics

The program detects if the user misplaced the connector - he must ALWAYS keep in touch with a line, else he loses.
The drawing consists in checkpoints and the wiring. In the drawing of this plant, the stem would be the wiring, while the leaves would be the checkpoints. Do note that the line does NOT connect.

Step 2: Drawing Sample

This drawing of a phoenix is a good example to the task. The wiring here is not an obvious wiring, but the body of the phoenix herself. you can see that most of the black parts are connected to each other. Some of these unconnected parts will be the checkpoints we'll use later.

Step 3: Connect Them!

Draw a straight line from the wiring, and one for each checkpoint, to the border of the paper sheet. Each of them is supposed to look like that - a straight line with a wide area in the end. This is the place you'll connect the make make afterwards. If you wish, you may label all connections with the corresponding character of each checkpoint and wiring.

DO NOTE: Wiring must ALWAYS be the A character.
Checkpoints possible characters are: d, f, s, w. For the program to properly run, all characters must be inserted in the drawing. you may give a checkpoint more than a character if so desired.

Step 4: Play!

Done! Now, all you have to do is to run the program, and connect the Makey Makey character input in the properly labelled connectors.

To play, simply click in the terminal (Where the character input from makeymakey will make the program run) and use the earth wiring from make make to play!

Notes: You can't stop being connected with something, and you can't return to previously activated checkpoints either, so draw your puzzles thinking on that!