Introduction: Makey Makey Library Welcome Mat- a Counter

This project will enable the maker to create a mat that will keep count of how many people have entered the room. This will be especially important with the need for social distancing in a large space such as a school library. This could also be used as a lap counter for PE or other physcial activities.


a Makey Makey

a minimum of two alligator clips

a cereal box

aluminum foil

masking tape

two small rubber bands

two large rubber bands

a mat, carpet sample or remnant

computer with internet connection

web based counter like the one linked, there are several to choose from

Step 1: Dismantle the Cereal Box and Cut Foil

Using scissors cut cereal box apart so that the largest surfaces, the front and back of the box, will make up the top and bottom of a pressure switch. These should be rectangular in shape. Save the narrow sides of the box, the nutritional information and product information sides--these will be slimmer rectangles. Cut or tear the aluminum foil into rectangles that will fit the largest cardboard pieces. You will need two of each--foil, large rectangles and slimmer rectangles.

Step 2: Construct Pressure Plates

Take the aluminum foil pieces and wrap lengthwise over the middle of the largest cardboard piece. Make sure to adhere the ends with tape as seen in the pictures. The video by Tom Heck will be helpful if you like to watch then do.

Step 3: Construct the Springs

Using the slimmer rectangles from the cereal box cut into nesting size squares. Fold each in half and nest largest to smallest. Attach the smaller rubberbands to each to keep the spring together.

Step 4: Complete Pressure Switch

With springs placed inside on the foil secure them by placing large rubber bands around each end. Attach one gator clip to the top right side and the other to the lower left.

Step 5: Attach Makey Makey

One alligator clip will need to be attached to Earth. The other needs to be connected to whatever control the counter requires. This example uses the click control. Plug Makey Makey into the computer. Place mat over top of the pressure plate.

Step 6: Test the Mat

There are several online counters that are free.