Introduction: Makey Makey Nerf Game

Here is the video of the finished product. It is a combination of a Makey Makey board and the software called Scratch. 


Makey Makey board:

Scratch download:

Scratch code for this project:

Supplies needed: 
- Some type of wood, i used particle board because it was cheap and i had some extra lying around my garage. 
- Wood Glue
- TinFoil
- CardStock
- Carpet Glue
- Carpet
- Tape
- Makey Makey Board
- Computer
- Saw
- Marker
- Drill
- Scissors

First start by cutting out the wood into the size that you would like. I used 2 feet by 3 feet on each side but you can make it whatever size you'd like. 

I used brackets to speed up the process so i didn't have to wait for one side of the wood glue to dry. 

Then trace out the shapes that you want, I chose four but you can use up to ten on the Makey Makey board. 
Start by drilling the holes in the corners of each shape then cut them out. This process can take a while if you are going by hand so a jigsaw might make the process easier if you have one. 
Once you have the front pieces cut out lay down a large sheet of tinfoil on the back piece of wood and tape it down, this will be your ground for the makey makey board. 
Then glue the front piece onto the back piece.

Each hold has cardstock with tinfoil on the back to act as a switch when the nerf bullet hits the card stock. Tape the cardstock to the top of the front piece of wood so it dangles freely. 

Once you have all of that done, you can choose weather or not to paint or put carpet on the outside to improve the aesthetics. I liked the thought of carpet because particle board doesn't look that good when it's painted.  

Trace out the shapes in the carpet and make sure they match up with the holes in the front piece of wood.

Put down a thin layer of glue and apply the carpet. Press it down and make sure the carpet has made solid contact with the glue. 

Once everything is dry, you are ready to hook up the makey makey to the tinfoil.

Attach the ground to the back tinfoil and each of the tinfoil patches on back of each of the pieces of cardstock. 

Attach each alligator clip to the makey makey board.

Plug the board into your laptop and load up Scratch and the code.

Enjoy the fun times and see how many points you can get in 30 seconds.