Introduction: Makey Makey Pi-Master: Memorize 10 Places of Pi

March 14th is Pi-Day and one of the ways people celebrate it is by memorizing and reciting the places of pi. This invention gives the user a kinetic way to practice their memorization. When started the program prompts "Three point" and the user must push the buttons in order of the decimal places of Pi. If he/she pushes the correct button a the number will sound and an encouragement will pop up on screen. A timer is included to add a challenge. Program is currently set up for beginners and only the first 10 places of pi but can be modified to any set number of places.


Makey Makey

Laptop with Scratch and USB


Aluminum Foil

Glue Stick


Printed Digits or a Marker

Step 1: Create the Switch Board

Create a pressure sensitive switch for each digit 0-9.

A way to save time and to keep the pi-master organized and stable is to make one base for all switches. Cut out a piece of cardboard long enough to hold all 10 switches. Glue aluminum foil across this cardboard piece then glue the spacing blocks and the top layer of cardboard onto this cardboard base, making sure to leave adequate space between each switch and to leave room at either the top or bottom of each switch to attach an alligator clip. Make sure the aluminum foil of the top layer does not come in contact with the bottom aluminum foil. Either print out or use a marker to label each switch with the appropriate digits. Allow the glue to fully dry.

Step 2: Set Up Makey Makey and Connect to the Digits Board

First, connect one alligator clip to earth and then to the bottom cardboard on the switch. Make sure it does not touch the top of any switch.

Connect an alligator clip from the top or bottom of each switch (depending on where you left room) to the Makey Makey board. It is helpful to label the back of the board with the corresponding slot on the Makey Makey to help with set up.

For this project: 1 = Space, 2 = Left Arrow, 3 = Right Arrow, 4 = Up Arrow, 5 = Down Arrow, 6 = a, 9 = g (a and g will require the extra wire pieces to connect to the back of the Makey Makey board)

7, 8, 0 - are not needed for first 10 places of Pi, but an alligator clip should still be attached to the switch to not give anything away. They will not be connected to the Makey Makey. These can be connected to the Makey Makey board if more places of Pi are to be memorized.

Connect the Makey Makey to the USB cable and then plug Makey Makey into the laptop.

Step 3: Scratch Programming

The Pi-Master program can be found on Scratch at

Record the sounds of the digits needed. Learn how to do this by watching this YouTube Video

The code starts when the Green Flag is pushed, then it plays the 3 and the decimal point sounds as a prompt and the timer is reset to zero. The code then will only continue once the proper number/key is pushed. When this happens the recording of that number will play, the sprite will say an encouragement, and then the program will wait for the next correct number/key. This process will be repeated until all 10 digits are entered. Once that has happened the last encouragement will tell the user he/she is a Pi-Master, the timer will show the time taken to complete all 10 places, and a celebratory sound will play.

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