Introduction: Makey Makey Piano Player

So let's get started. overall this idea will take about 30 minutes to make the whole project but when it comes to the building process you have to make sure that you are reading the steps carefully so anyways let's get this thing started.

Step 1: Materials

First of all here is the list of materials you will need on or with you

First of all you will need a makey makey Second a container of playdough by you Third the makey makey piano website Last you need to have a piece of paper to keep the mess to a minimum.

Step 2:

First of all put the paper down and take the makey makey and use the usb connector and connect it to the computer system

Step 3:

Second thing you have to do is to take the play dough and form arrow keys and a space shape and a click shape (anything you want to represent these keys are fine just make sure you know what key does what).

Step 4:

So now that you have all of your keys (play dough) set down on a piece of paper you can now start connecting the alligator clips for example it would look like this. alligator clip that wilt clip and connect to the makey makes. and make sure to have one connected to "earth".

Step 5:

“EARTH” so you must be wondering what earth is well if you look at the bottom of your makey makey you the little bar with the word earth on it and all you need to do is connect one of the alligator clips to it and then just hold that alligator clip so that you are connected to the makey makey itself and it can sense you touching the keys.

Step 6:

All you need to do here on this last step is to make sure that you have the makey makey piano web site open on your computer. Then it will say keyboard not connect then all you do is you have to press ok and it may not work on first try like for me but if you just make sure you hold earth it should play

Step 7: To Finish This Off

So here are the end product of this idea, just a shout out to Jayden, caleb and justice for all Their help on this creation