Introduction: Makey Makey- Storyboard

This puzzle is used to build a storyboard with different 3D printed puzzle pieces. Each piece is uniquely identified by a different resistor. This is placed on the board, which completes a voltage divider circuit and is recognized by the MakeyMakey through an analogRead function. It used this to create a story telling platform that fills in words of a story/poem based on where a piece is placed on the board.

Required Materials:

  1. 6 models to 3D print
  2. MakeyMakey board
  3. 1 kilo Ohm resistor - 6 nos.
  4. 24 magnets
  5. 470 Ohm resistor -1
  6. 680 Ohm resistor -1
  7. 1000 Ohm resistor -1
  8. 2200 Ohm resistor -1
  9. 3300 Ohm resistor -1
  10. 4700 Ohm resistor -1
  11. USB cable
  12. Copper tape
  13. Wires
  14. Acrylic Sheet
  15. Solder

Step 1: Build Your Own Storyboard

To build your own storyboard you will have to make six different puzzle pieces. Each of them has a picture on it. Here we use:

i) cloud

ii) moon

iii) star

iv) house

v) tree

vi) flower

Make 3D models of these things and add them on top of the square puzzle pieces(each of them is 40 x 40 mm). Model the puzzle pieces in such a way so that it has place to hold two magnets and a resistor(as in image 3). Now 3D print these puzzle pieces.

Step 2: Make the Voltage Divider Circuit.

With the puzzle pieces printed now build the voltage divider circuit.

  1. Draw your own board for to build the voltage divider circuit. You can use Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or other softwares to do so else use puzzleframe.3dm and Story Puzzle.3dm files attached herewith.
  2. Your board should be able to hold the magnets and the voltage divider circuit in place.

Step 3: Build the Voltage Divider Circuit

Once you are done with the 3D print and laser cutting now build the voltage divider circuit:

  1. The circuit should have six resistors(1 kilo Ohm each) and 12 magnets.
  2. Place a resistor in between two magnets.
  3. Now take wires and connect one end of each of the resistors to ground. In picture the black wire is connected to ground of the MakeyMakey board.
  4. Take the other end of the resistor and connect it to a wire which int turn should be connected to an AnalogPin of the MakeyMakey board.
  5. Follow the pattern as shown in Image 1 to build the voltage divider circuit.

Your voltage divider should look something like Image 2.

Step 4: Connecting to MakeyMakey Board

Connect the wires to the MakeyMakey board.

  1. The wire connecting all the grounds should be plugged into the GND pin of MakeyMakey board.
  2. Connect other ends of the resistors to Analogs pins A0,A1,A2,A3,A4,A5.

Make a connection from the MakeyMakey board to the Voltage divider frame so that when the puzzle pieces are placed on the frame a connection is established.

Step 5: Completing the Puzzle Pieces

  1. Add a different resistor to each of the 6 puzzle pieces. Use 470, 680, 1000, 2200, 3300 and 4700 Ohm resistor and place them inside the gap of the puzzle pieces.
  2. Add two magnets on either side of the resistor.

It should look like the image above.

Step 6: Reprogram MakeyMakey

Once done with the connections and building the circuit you should reprogram your MakeyMakey board. Download the code from Link to the code for reprogramming MakeyMakey.

Step 7: Making Your Storyboard With the Website

Now you are good to play around with the puzzle pieces.

  1. Connect your MakeyMakey to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Use the website MakeyMakey Storyboard.
  3. Go to the StoryBoard tab.
  4. Select any story you would like to build.
  5. Place a puzzle piece on the Storyboard frame.
  6. Hear the website read it off for you and also see the text change in the website from blank to the puzzle piece you have placed in.
  7. Repeat the same for all the other puzzle pieces.
  8. Now select Read Story and the website should read out the entire story for you.