Playing Pacman Using Makey Makey




Introduction: Playing Pacman Using Makey Makey

What is Makey Makey?Turn the whole world into a keyboard. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners or Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between.How Does it Work?Alligator Clip two objects to the Makey Makey. For example, you and a banana (or an ice cube, or a kitty cat). When you touch the banana, the computer just thinks a keyboard key is being pressed, so you can type a letter, jump in a video game, take a picture, or play some music.Who is Makey Makey For?Kids, Artists, Educators, Engineers, Inventors, Makers. Really it is for everyone. What materials work with Makey Makey?Ketchup, Pencil Graphite, Finger Paint, Fruits, Plants, Coins, Your Grandma, Silverware, Anything that is Wet, Pets, Aluminum, Rain, and hundreds more. Really any material that can conduct at least a tiny bit of electricity.What can I create?Make a banana piano, play Mario on a play dough game pad, take a selfie of your cat every time she drinks water. How? First, load up a computer program or any webpage. Let's say you load up a piano. Then, instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, you can hook the Makey Makey to something fun, like bananas, and the bananas become your piano keys.Hundreds more of examples can be found at

Step 1: Step 1.

- First unpack your Makey Makey kit.

- Gather all materials.

Step 2: Step 2.

- Plug the usb cable provided into the laptop and the other end into the Makey Makey.

Step 3: Step 3.

- Plug in the cable and ground yourself. One end goes into the 'Earth' input of the Makey Makey. Just hold the other end to ground Makey Makey.

Step 4: Step 4.

- Using electrical paint to create a printed circuit. In this case using a electrical pen.

Step 5: Step 4.

- The other paint did not try quickly so I switched to a different electrical paint pen. Plug the cables and connect them to the specific input on the makey makey.

Step 6: Step 6.

- I can now play Pacman using the controls printed on the paper.

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