MakeyMakey Circuits

Introduction: MakeyMakey Circuits

About: Un espacio maker trabajando con la ciudadanía y el barrio. Con la intención de acercar las nuevas tecnologías a todo el mundo.

We mix in the table a makeymakey board, some crocodile wires and some electric conductive objects. With some interactive projects in scratch we build circuits to interact with the computer or/and with the objects.


- MakeyMakey board

- Crocodile leads

- Conductive elements (fruits, carbon pencils, paint, humans)

- A computer with scratch

-Actuators like servomotors

Step 1: Pedagogical and Maker Objectives


- Teamwork
- Communication
- Understand the connection between digital software and phisical objects


- Circuitry
- Scratch code

Step 2: Step by Step

1- Build in scratch some program to connect phisical objects with the code. (we can find examples in the scracth projects database).

2- Design a phisical interactive set with the conductive objects.

2- We connect the makeymakey board via USB to the computer.

3- Use the crocodile wires to connect the board with the conductive elements and actuators such as servos.

4- Start activating the code and check if the interactive design works.

5- We can change fif not work and learn how to solve.

Step 3: Credits

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